Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) Portable Scent Diffuser

Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) Portable Scent Diffuser

The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is the first-ever waterless and heatless portable scent diffuser on the market. Learn about the features today.


Introducing Aroma360's Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) Portable Diffuser

Aroma360 has been a trusted name in the world of aromatherapy and scent diffusion for years. We’re known for delivering top-notch products that transform spaces into fragrant paradises. 

Now, we’re raising the bar with the highly anticipated launch of the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) the first-ever waterless and heatless portable scent diffuser, set to hit the market on Sept. 15. This revolutionary new fragrance oil diffuser will replace the Mini360, bringing your scent experience to a whole new level.  


Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) vs. Mini360

The Mini360 was our go-to solution for waterless diffusing, capable of scenting spaces of up to 400 square feet. It was a great starting point for those embarking on their scenting journey. While the Mini360 has many great perks, it’s time to say farewell to it and welcome the future of home fragrance with the all-new Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending). Our Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) diffuser offers an array of remarkable benefits that make it the superior successor to the Mini360.

 What Makes the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) a Better Option?

While the Mini360 has always been our premiere waterless diffuser, the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) combines modern elegance with cutting-edge technology to bring you a revolutionary new product. This sleek and minimalist masterpiece seamlessly integrates into any space, enhancing your home decor while providing a host of benefits that set it apart from the competition.



  • Sleek Design: The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) boasts a sleek and minimalist design that seamlessly blends into any large or small space, elevating your interior decor. Its compact size allows for versatile placement in your home or office.
  • Wireless Freedom: In contrast to the Mini360, the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is 100% portable with a rechargeable battery and USD or USB cable charging. It's ideal for enhancing large-capacity outdoor gatherings or cozying up spaces with limited access to power.
  • Quiet and Efficient: The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) excels in discreetness with its whisper-quiet diffusion, surpassing the Mini360 in silent operation. Plus, it's energy-efficient, helping you conserve power while enjoying a continuous aroma experience.
  • Technical Specifications Comparison:

    In the following table, we will compare key features and attributes of the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) and the Mini360.

Pro-Pod™ (Patent Pending) Technology

In addition to these features, the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) also comes with Pro-Pod™ (Patent Pending) scenting technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of replenishing fragrance oils with our convenient subscripon service, available for all scents in our active scent library. Unlike traditional fragrance oils, the Pro-Pod™ (Patent Pending) is exclusively designed for use with the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending), ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees even and silent scenting, transforming your space into a fragrant oasis without the noise. Elevate your surroundings effortlessly with the Pro-Pod™ (Patent Pending) - where innovation meets fragrance for the ultimate aromatic experience.


Aromatherapy Anywhere

Aroma360's Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is not just an upgrade from the Mini360 — it's a leap forward in fragrance oil scent diffusion technology. With its sleek design, wireless convenience, advanced customization options, and enhanced efficiency, the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) promises to elevate your scent experience to new heights. 

The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) will be available starting September 15. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your space into a fragrant paradise with our latest diffuser.