The Art of Scent Branding

Reinforcing Brand Identity Through the Power of Scent

What is Scent Branding and Why it Works

Scent branding is much more than filling a space with a nice fragrance.  It is the science behind creating a targeted, Signature Scent that is associated with a particular brand.  By linking a unique scent to a brand, a strong bond is created with the consumer, thus becoming an extension of the brand’s identity. 

  Neuromarketing studies have shown that 75% of emotions are triggered by our sense of smell.  Of all the senses, our sense of smell is most closely linked to our memory.  This is because the Olfactory Bulb in the brain that recognizes smell is part of the Limbic System.  The Limbic System is the part of the brain that deals with emotion, memory and feelings.  It is the direct path to the emotional part of our brain.  This means scent doesn’t
have to be processed or interpreted. It’s the reason why Scent Branding is so powerful.  It can influence a customer’s emotional state and mood, thus influencing their buying habits. 

Developing a Signature Scent

Aroma360® puts a great deal of research and analysis into understanding our clients before any scent development is started.  We start with learning the brand’s core attributes before beginning the design process of the Signature Scent.  Our Scent Advisors are well versed on how
every ingredient will work together in a blend and they take the time to understand our clients’ overall visions and goals before the creation of the
scent.  This process allows Aroma360® to expertly create the perfect scent for every client. 

Our Approach

Aroma360® provides businesses with a way to break through the auditory and visual overload by using scent as a tool to reach their customers on an emotional level.  By tying a scent to a brand, the identity of that brand is strengthened in the consumers mind, thus increasing loyalty and revenue. 

 Our team of Scent Experts work with our clients to incorporate their scent into a multitude of facets for the customer experience.  The more touch points that incorporate the scent, the more the customer is exposed to the brand.  This strengthens the connection of customer to brand, resulting in loyalty and increased revenue. 

Power of Scent

The process of developing and creating a scent identity is detailed and personal, as no two brands or businesses are the same.  All aspects of the individual business are
taken into consideration when developing a Signature Scent.  Aroma360® takes the time to learn a business’s history, customers, goals and the desired emotional response to the scent, before embarking on a scent creation.
All the information learned is then interpreted and translated into a unique scent that best fits their brand’s individual identity.