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How To Eliminate Odors In Veterinary Clinics


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Anyone who’s experienced the trauma of persuading their beloved pet to walk through the doors of a veterinary clinic well knows that our four-legged friends find these visits less than appealing. With dogs, cats, and all manner of furry and feathered creatures having a far more sensitive sense of smell than humans, it only takes a visit or two before even the merest whiff of the vets make them want to high-tail it out of there…

Of course, these heightened levels of apprehension leads to inevitable reactions—ones that leave certain odors. While surgeries, of course, have to clean these up with products of anti-bacterial nature, that clinical smell they leave only serves to increase anxiety levels in their patients.

Enter the advantages of a commercial scent machine, a product that provides vet clinics with a plethora of benefits that go way beyond simply masking unpleasant smells.

  • Eliminate unwanted odors: From the essence of feline spray to incontinence of rodents, it’s an everyday battle to get rid of such odors. Permeating the practice with a carefully chosen scent that’s delivered consistently at the exact level required removes the need for other options that simply aren’t effective (air fresheners, plug-ins, sprays, aerosols, etc.).
  • Create a brand scent: The effect of scent branding is wholly recognized as a potent method by which your customers (the human ones) create a link between a particular fragrance and your brand. It happens imperceptibly, because the sense of smell bypasses the conscious area of the brain, traveling directly to the area responsible for memory and emotion.
  • Relaxes patients: Both animals and humans, thanks to the power of carefully chosen aromas and their calming effects on the brain.
  • Reducing the need for cleaning products with harmful side effects: Strong bleaches and janitorial cleaners often come with health warnings. Other, user-friendly anti-bacterial options are available but often aren’t as effective at removing strong odors. But when diffusing the environment with a delightful fragrance of your choice, the need for those strong-smelling chemical products becomes unnecessary.
  • Use a variety of scents in different areas of the clinic: Using a commercial scent machine that works via an existing HVAC system allows for bespoke aroma dispersal throughout the whole clinic. There are also smaller, portable options that are virtually silent and can be moved as and when needed.

  • A beautifully scented clinic is also beneficial for your staff, and can easily be implemented in any space courtesy of the latest technology and fragrancing options from high-end scenting company, Aroma360.

    Browse their wide library of carefully created scents that add that extra element of care to a veterinary environment. Whichever scent you choose, removing unwanted odors and replacing them with a calming, beautiful aroma will improve the experience for animals, their human companions, staff, and anyone who steps through the front door.