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Exciting news from Aroma360! We're searching for fragrance enthusiasts and community builders like yourself. Here's your chance to score $50 effortlessly by sending us a short video review of our product. No need to be an influencer with a huge following; we value authenticity, creativity, and genuine love for our brand above all. Get creative with your submission, and if your video stands out, you could win either $250 cash or a $500 gift card! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Make a fun video featuring our product and of course, yourself!
fill out the form bellow and upload your video
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Earn $500
Get the opportunity to earn $250 in cash or snag a $500 aroma360 gift card


  • Video Duration: Entries should be between 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Filming Environment: Videos must be shot in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.
  • Visual Quality: Ensure videos are clear, in-focus, and well-lit.
  • Content Restrictions: Videos should not include nudity, foul language, or depict alcohol.
  • Brand Exclusivity: No competitors' brands or other brand logos should be visible in the video.
  • Watermarks: Videos must not contain any watermarks.
  • Audio Clarity: Ensure clear sound with no background noise in the video.
  • Product Focus: The video should exclusively showcase the purchased product.
  • Orientation: Videos shot on mobile devices must be in horizontal format, not vertical.
  • Submission Format: Videos must be submitted without closed captions.

Participants eligible for Aroma360's Brand Advocate program, having made qualifying purchases, are encouraged to create User-Generated Content (UGC) videos in adherence to specific directives. These guidelines stipulate that videos should range between 20 to 30 seconds in duration, filmed in aesthetically pleasing environments, ensuring clarity, focus, and adequate lighting. Furthermore, content should refrain from nudity, offensive language, or alcohol depiction while exclusively highlighting the purchased product without any competitor brands or watermarks. Audio clarity and a horizontal filming orientation for mobile devices are imperative, with submissions devoid of closed captions. Approved UGC videos may grant participants an initial $50 gift card, with potential rewards of either a $250 cash incentive or a $500 Aroma360 gift card, contingent upon specified conditions. Aroma360 reserves the right to utilize the UGC video and may modify or terminate the promotion at its discretion, governed by designated jurisdictional laws. Participants express their consent to these terms, acknowledging that no supplementary compensation beyond the outlined rewards is offered. For inquiries, please direct correspondence to