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The Ultimate Antidote To Nose Blindness

Have you ever heard of “nose blindness”? When you become so accustomed to a smell that you’re no longer aware of it? The home environment is the classic location for this to occur, leading to a less than hospitable ambiance. Aroma360 looks at the phenomenon and the ultimate method to overcome this common problem.

Nose Blindness Explained 

  • What Is Nose Blindness
  • Common Causes of Unwanted Odors
  • Why Does Nose Blindness Occur?

What Is Nose Blindness

Nose blindness (also referred to as sensory adaptation) is when the olfactory system becomes immune to a smell that’s stimulated the brain for an extended period. All homes have a particular fragrance, each unique to a combination of many things, such as your diet, pets, furnishings, even your washing powder!

We all spend plenty of time in our home space, meaning we quickly become used to the odors within—both good and bad.

Common Causes of Unwanted Odors

Many culprits can cause the signature scent of a home to be less than fragrant, including: 

  • Dirty bed linen
  •  Home construction supplies over time
  • Unwashed clothing
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Pets
  • Newly decorated areas
  • Furniture and carpets
  • Regular home workouts
  • Highly aromatic cooking ingredients (onions, garlic, etc.)

Why Does Nose Blindness Occur?

The brain is highly alert to new smells. This is to do with self-preservation, allowing you to quickly become conscious of an odor that might be dangerous (gas, burning, chemicals, etc.). But once you’ve experienced an odor for a while the brain switches off this reaction meaning you’re no longer aware of it.

If you leave for a while—going to work or away for a vacation—it’s likely you’ll notice the smell when on your return. But it’s not a new fragrance. It’s there all the time and is the first thing every visitor notices when they enter. If that aroma is somewhat disagreeable then it’s certainly not something anybody wants to be known for…

Eliminate Nose Blindness with Curated Home Scenting Options 

  • The Need for Ambient Home Scenting
  • Different Methods to Scent Your Home

The Need for Ambient Home Scenting 

Everyone wants a home that smells as beautiful as it looks. Nose blindness is something we all suffer from, making it vital to embrace the most effective home scenting options. Products that pervade the air with the highest quality of essential oils ensures that everyone who steps inside is met by the most beautiful of aromas—a classic and refined method by which to welcome people to your home.

It’s also preferable to change scents on occasion, as nose blindness is also relevant to gorgeous scents. Alternating carefully chosen scents allow you to gain maximum satisfaction from your home scenting efforts.

Different methods to scent your home

There are various ways you can introduce delightful bespoke fragrances.



The latter is by far the most effective tool to beautifully scent your home. From slender portable versions that effortlessly match your décor to those that work through your HVAC system, Aroma360 has the perfect solution.

Make the Right Impression with a Home Scent Machine

Banish the horror of nose blindness and ensure your home is the beautifully scented nirvana you want it to be. Visit now and enjoy a home that boasts aromatic perfection, every single day.