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Where To Place Your Aroma Diffuser

No matter what size your aroma diffuser is, positioning is crucial. Doors, windows, and other access and egress points all have an impact as to where the fragrance will pervade. The following discusses the considerations necessary to decide on the ideal placement depending on your particular needs.


Location, location, location


  • Choosing the best location for the diffuser
  • Power supply
  • Doors and windows


Choosing the best location for the diffuser


The key to effective scenting is down to choosing the primary point for the diffuser from which the essential oils will diffuse. Whether you’re fragrancing a home or commercial premises, this generally means determining the most central location in the area you wish to be scented.


Power supply


Because the diffuser needs a power source it’s necessary to have an electrical outlet close by. If the cord is going to be visible it’s easily made aesthetically more pleasing with the use of a paintable cord cover.


Doors and windows


While walls will, naturally, provide obstacles that block the fine particles of oil diffusing into an area, the nature of gaseous diffusion means that if doors are left open they’ll spread into other rooms. Of course, you may choose to close them should you want to enclose the fragrance to a particular area. If windows are left open then this will reduce the scent as the microscopic oil particles leave the building.


Larger diffusers, such as those used to scent multiple areas of a hotel, mall, office space, entire home, etc. work via an existing HVAC system, so the appliance itself doesn’t require strategic placement, and doors and windows won’t have a scent-blocking effect.


Choosing the size of your aroma diffuser



The technologically advanced aroma diffusers of today, such as those supplied by Aroma360, can cover areas ranging from 400 square feet to an enormous 6,000 square feet. The selection of size will determine the range you wish to fragrance and is something that’s best determined in conjunction with your bespoke scenting provider.


Aroma360 always provide their expert advice as to the ideal solution for your scenting needs.


The Mini360


Covering an area of up to 400 square feet, the Mini360 is a perfect choice for home or small business use. Slim, stylish, and discreet, it’s also whisper quiet, simple to use, and extremely simple to change scents and locations.


The DaVinci360


Cost-effective, commercial-grade diffusion covers areas of up to 1,100 square feet, making this an excellent choice when you require beautiful scenting of a larger area. This diffuser works as stand-alone unit, and also has the ability to connect to your HVAC system for more distributed coverage.


The VanGogh360


Versatile and user-friendly, the hybrid VanGogh360 covers areas up to 1,800 square feet. This diffuser combines the consistency of HVAC scenting with the ease of a stand-alone unit.


The Museum360


The granddaddy of all aroma diffusers, the Museum360 works via an HVAC system to fragrance every inch of a building. Ideal for hotels, malls, office complexes, etc, this industry-leading diffuser easily scents areas of up to 6,000 square feet.


Choose your aroma diffuser now


Bespoke scenting of a home or commercial space adds the often overlooked fifth-dimension of décor and elevates a space to hitherto unattainable heights. Aroma360's connoisseur aromachologists work with their customers to determine the ultimate aroma diffuser that suits your property and provide expert advice as to the perfect fragrance for your needs.


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