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What Scents Can Improve Your Happiness ?

The effect of scent on our emotions is well understood, yet the real reasons a certain essence can lift your mood and improve well-being might not be quite as expected. Studies have shown that our response to certain aromas is through learned associative mechanisms—in other words, our brain creates a link between a fragrance and a particular emotion. This makes it possible to determine scents that not only boost mood, but that can have a powerful effect on our well being too.

Using items such as  scent diffusers and scented candles, particularly those that use only the highest quality of aromatic and essential oils, it’s possible to not only infuse our surroundings with a fine bouquet, but to effectively uplift how happy we feel. Consequently, this also has the desired effect of increasing levels of well-being too.

The Top Scents Proven To Increase Happiness

1. Citrus: The crisp, distinctive smell of citrus fruits—lemon in particular—encourages feelings of delight, as well as boosting energy levels and reducing levels of stress.

Market scent leader, Aroma360, bring the wonders of citrus bouquets to life in their signature scents, Born to Run and  California Love. The latter in particular embraces the freshness of lemongrass and lemon zest, making a wonderful home scenting option for those who seek to permeate their surroundings with feminine cleanliness to boost tranquility and calmness.

2. Lavender: Well known for its relaxing properties, breathing in the soothing tones of this wonderful plant helps reduce stress, soothes anxiety, and has long been used to create an atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Blue Moon is a carefully crafted aromatic blend made from the finest of therapeutic-grade essential oils that combine the calming notes of lavender with the sensuality of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and patchouli to gently massage the senses and subtly calm frayed nerves.

3. Jasmine: The delights of Jasmine can have an immediate effect on mood, increasing levels of contentment, along with elevated feelings of positivity. Suffusing a room or home with the delights of this attractive scent creates an elegant atmosphere, one that’s especially beneficial in fostering a creative or productive environment.

Adore, by Aroma360, is designed around the delights of jasmine, combining its discerning aroma with that of bergamot, amber, and woody notes for the ultimate in gentle yet uplifting fragrance.

4. Vanilla: The seductive tones of vanilla are among the most powerful of all aromas to evoke feelings of happiness. The rich tones massage the inner psyche, aiding relaxation as well as elevating a sense of joy.

Combining the heady scent of vanilla with that of complementary baked apple and cinnamon fragrances brings us the delight that is Aroma360’s Apple Cinnamon—a delicious scent option for the upcoming holiday season.

5. Peppermint: A crisp, minty fragrance can have a dramatic effect on mood, attitude, and concentration. The pure invigoration it brings can be enhanced with the clever use of harmonizing aromas, such as eucalyptus and citrus, as can be found in the entrancing Aroma360 scent, Wake Me Up.

Selecting the ultimate home scenting options adds a distinctive dimension to a cultivated environment. The choice of fragrance is as much of a feature as those that are visual, and the hand-crafted bespoke scents Aroma360 provides are the quintessential ingredient for the most refined of home spaces.