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Turn Your Space into a Cozy Oasis this Winter

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As the song goes, “the weather outside is frightful…” Which means that you’ll be spending (even) more time at home this winter. Here are some tips to elevate the cozy factor by adding simple décor and sensory touches to any space, for your home, office or home office.

The first—and easiest—way to warm up your space is with candles. Not only do candles literally give out warmth, but the glow and soft lighting they create are magical, setting the mood for relaxation, romance, and calm. A multi-candle approach will illuminate your room in such a beautiful and soft manner, and enhance your elegant décor.

Scent is also effective at changing the ambiance instantly. A certain smell can bring you back to your childhood, or the holidays, or that cabin you rented in Vermont, or even the beach. At Aroma360, we have a library of 80+ scents to choose from—and a wide range of products to disperse them. 

You can evoke any mood with scent. Florals are light and summery. Citrus is bright and energizing. Musk is seductive and romantic. Green tea is energizing. Vanilla is sweet and pleasant. All of our scents are perfectly blended in harmony, allowing you to find the perfect one to fill your space with. Beat the winter blues with some of our most popular scents: Dream On, My Way, November Rain, Allure, Mystify, Black Velvet and California Love

How you decide to scent your space is highly personal. Candles are the obvious starting point, and enjoyment is just a spark away. Reed diffusers are another simple scenting solution because there’s no flame to worry about. Flip the reeds over when they are dry and the fragrance will emanate from the newly dipped reeds. Room sprays deliver a spritz, perfect for a sudden burst of scent. For a long-term and immersive experience, we have four diffusers, from a sleek standalone unit, the Mini360, to a commercial-grade HVAC-connected option, the Museum360XL.

Finally, layer some plush pillows and soft blankets or cashmere throws to round out the snug feeling we all desire. Because this winter, we’re all about being comfortable, toasty and snuggly.