The Psychology behind Hotel Scenting

The Psychology behind Hotel Scenting


How Hotels study the effects of scenting? 

Most hotels are known for their tailored signature scent that creates an olfactory memory the moment you step into the lobby. Scenting is known to instantly create a memory bond associated to a place or thing. Our olfactory system process smells using the limbic system, which is where emotions and memories are stored, enhancing emotions that release endorphins. This scenting strategy is used to help brands grow their commerce and generate profits through scent marketing. These effects build a connection between the smell and the place that resonates with a person long after they have visited a place. For years hotels around the globe have been capitalizing on the scenting industry and have recognized the importance of scenting to elevate their guests’ experience and to keep their clients coming back.  

Why do Hotels focus on scent?  

Hotels spend substantial amounts of money on designing and incorporating the perfect scent experience to complement their property. They work to evoke certain feelings that match the décor, location, or overall ambiance. The main goal is to ensure a positive experience for the guests throughout their stay. Scent Specialists uncover all aspects of the brand during this process, sometimes designing signature scents that are exclusive to a Hotel Chain or individual location.   

So why is scenting important? 

A person’s sense of smell and memory are linked (due to our brain’s anatomy) together. When a smell is detected, the part of the Olfactory Bulb in the brain processes the signal and passes it along to the limbic system. The limbic system is made up of structures within the brain that are universally regarded by scientists as playing a significant role in the control of memory, mood, and emotion. Knowing all of this helps build brand loyalty between a customer and a property.  

5-star Hotels known for their scent: 

  • Westin Hotel – This beautiful scent is found in all Westin properties across the globe. Invigorating white tea is perfectly blended with cedar and vanilla to create a beautiful revitalizing olfactory experience. Aroma360’s Dream On is inspired by this iconic scent.  
  • Hotel Costes – The Parisian hotel’s signature scent is their sultry sensation “Brown” fragrance which is a mix of waxed wood, rum, and a perfume of beeswax. This scent elicits a memory of a passionate ambience and sets the mood. Our Midnight in Paris fragrance oil is inspired by this hotel.     
  • 1 Hotel – Kindling, the Brand’s well-known fragrance mimics the essence of nature and is designed to mesh with the outdoors, bringing a warm and refreshing ambiance to its properties. Try Aroma360’s My Way, our interpretation and inspiration for this iconic scent. 

The Takeaway  

In a time when it has become more difficult to stand out in a crowded market, scenting allows you to differentiate your brand and make it more memorable. Think about the impression a pleasant fragrance can have on your customers. Aroma360 has a scent specialist who will work with you to carefully curate the perfect fragrance to associate with your property, allowing you in turn to build brand recognition and loyalty.