The power of scenting marketing

The power of scenting marketing

As business owners are constantly searching for ways to stand out and improve their brand marketing strategies, it might be possible that they are overlooking the greatest way to increase brand awareness with the power of scent. Scent marketing allows businesses to build an emotional connection with their consumers and increase customer loyalty through their own signature olfactory scent. Learn about the science behind scenting and how it can successfully impact your business by reading more. 

Utilizing Scent Marketing for your Business

 Consumers are likely to remember a place based solely off of scent, triggering the consumer purchasing behavior and creating a positive association with your business. By taking advantage of the power of scent, it allows you to capitalize on the consumers experience while they are evoked by your brand scent to return. The first step is finding a scent that best describes your brand or business and that can be influencing power to your brand image then investing in a scent diffuser or a HVAC diffuser. It is a unique and powerful way to access your shoppers with an under-used touchpoints and stand out from your competitors.   

Example of Businesses using scenting marketing  

Scent marketing is not only based on the type of fragrance you use for your business but also on positioning, brands such as Abercrombie & Fetch nebulize their scent in the corner of their stores to get their consumers to fully engage and to increase the customer intent to purchase. Another example is Cinnabon, designing their stores to position the kitchen near the front instead of the back, this allows the smell of the cinnamon rolls to fill the entrance and the entire store to entice possible buyers. Another common one is using the HVAC scenting system, Starbucks is known for adding the scent of coffee in their HVAC systems to enhance the air, so customers are reminded to buy coffee.

Benefit from the power of scent marketing

Any business or company can benefit from scent marketing, by using scent as an asset and as an advertising advantage to evoke specific memories that will remind consumers of their brand. Aroma360 is specialized in scent branding, helping businesses find their signature scent to associate with their brand identity. Aroma360 builds a scent marketing strategy based off research and analysis to understand their client’s consumer’s behavior and learn the brand’s core attribute then begin the process of creating your olfactory logo. This process allows us to create the perfect scent that is specially made for every client. To get started on creating your own signature scent, contact one of our scent consultants today!