The Majestic Scent of Cedarwood

The Majestic Scent of Cedarwood

The Grounding Scent  

Have you ever taken a deep breath while walking in a national park and inhaled the warm, woody scent of nature around you? Most parks or forests are surrounded by the beautiful greatness of Cedar Trees, a majestic evergreen tree made of cones with pine-like needles. The Cedarwood oils is extracted from the tree which distill a pleasant aroma and balsamic undertones, filled with various properties such as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for health benefits in the oil.  As a fragrance oil, it is often used as a base note in scenting. The Cedarwood acts like an “anchor” in combining floral and citrus notes. Its heavier molecular weight allows it to bring depth to scents and boost the strength of top and middle notes. It blends well with Ylang-ylang, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, and Frankincense.   

Unlocking memories  

Cedarwood oil is known for its aromatic wood fragrance that is reminiscent of the outdoors. Do you remember back in grade school, when the classroom would smell like pencil shavings? Little did you know that was the smell of cedarwood, which is the wood that is mainly used for pencils. One can also say that the scent is similar to an heirloom hope chest or a good aftershave. Cedarwood carries a fragrance that makes it easily recognizable, embodying a more comforting and old-fashioned scent when it is released. Very nostalgic, right?  

Where does the Cedar tree originates from?  

Cedar Tree is a native of North America, the Eastern Coast of The Mediterranean, and the Himalayas with four varied species. These magnificent trees can grow up to 30 meters in height and live up to 1,000 years. The leaves are needle-like and vary from an evergreen color to bright green grass color with a white wax layer for protection, their barks and cones are also covered in resin for protection as well. The tree has many purposes such as fencing, musical instruments and most importantly fragrance oil. 

What are Cedarwood's Benefits?  

Since Cedarwood is a grounding note, it provides excellent emotional balance and calm, for both the body and the mind making it a popular oil for aromatic use. Scientific studies have shown that when diffused, Cedarwood is great for promoting self-confidence and self-esteem. The warm, herbaceous odor of this wood helps to evoke feelings of wellness and is used successfully to treat anxiety. If you are into meditation, Cedarwood is the perfect scent for you! 

Here are a few oils that contain Cedarwood:  

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