Surprising Uses for Fragrance Oils

Surprising Uses for Fragrance Oils

There’s nothing quite like the soothing aroma of your favorite essential oils wafting from your bathtub or diffuser after a long day, and there are even more ways to benefit from your favorite home fragrance!

Clear your nasal passages

Before you reach for an over-the-counter solution to get rid of congestion, try eucalyptus to help you breathe comfortably again. This essential oil contains a compound called eucalyptol, which can decrease cold-related headaches and cough frequency.

A home scent diffuser is the perfect way to create a healing space as you relieve congestion. Aroma360 diffusers use heatless and waterless cold-air diffusion technology to deliver a residue-free scenting experience for your entire home.

Boost your immunity

With the fall season slowly approaching it is best to prepare your immune system to the next up coming months. Frequent colds, digestion issues, and fatigue are common signs of a weakened immune system. Fight off sickness by supplementing a healthy diet with lavender or lemon essential oil. Lemon oil is packed with an abundance of vitamins and minerals and can be used to fight off toxins.

Relieve PMS symptoms

If you’re looking to treat menstrual cramps with a natural solution, women have used essential oils for centuries for pain management. Clinical studies have shown massages to be effective in reducing pain from period cramps, with massages performed using essential oils demonstrating an even greater reduction of pain.

Reap the benefits of essential oils for health and wellness by equipping your home with a long-lasting scenting solution! Our HVAC waterless diffusers allow you to customize a scent schedule for your home for a pure and enduring fragrance with minimal maintenance for moments when you need some aromatherapy, happy scenting!