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Stress Relief Scents For The Holiday Season


Holiday anxiety is a very real issue for many. The pressure of creating the “perfect” Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year can bring with it a sense of foreboding and increased levels of stress. For anyone beginning to feel the strain, one of the easiest and most effective methods of gently massaging the psyche is through the very much underrated wonder of scent.

The power of aroma is the most rudimentary of all the human senses, and the only one that’s delivered directly to the region of the brain that directly affects emotion. Multiple studies have been carried out to back this notion, with essential oils such as lavender regularly being hailed for its calming influence.


Ultimate Scents With Calming Properties

In addition to lavender, there are many other scents proven to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. These include:


Helps slow the processing speed of the brain, and is particularly effective in reducing the feeling of being “wired”. The perfect antithesis to a day’s gift shopping or food preparation.


Helps decrease levels of cortisol (the “stress” hormone) within the body. It also has an uplifting effect on mood, making this a wonderful scent to enjoy while undertaking tasks that you might find stressful, such as menu creation or that all-important seating plan.


While many associate the freshness of lemon with one of invigoration, there’s evidence to suggest that the scent also has potent antidepressant qualities.


The perfect antidote when the whole holiday season feels like it’s becoming too much. A wonderful pick-me-up, it also increases alertness making it a great choice when there’s still work to be done but all you feel like doing is curling up for a well-earned nap.


The already mentioned fragrance is another that’s been proven to lower cortisol levels. It also has a positive effect on mood and can improve cognitive performance. It’s long been used as a sleep aid by millions, but many don’t realize it’s additional calming qualities when undertaking stressful daytime activities.

Introducing quality fragrances through a variety of home scenting options is a simple method by which to gently ease the tension of the holiday season. From candles to scent diffuser machines, embracing the power of curated aromas is a proven aspect of managing anxiety.

Whether you use a home diffuser or that of candles or reeds, the best effect is only delivered by essential oils of the highest quality. Luxury scenting company, Aroma360, has broken new frontiers in both home and commercial scenting. Whether you’re looking to reduce levels of anxiety, increase concentration, instill a sense of calm, or make your home a welcoming haven during the holidays, there’s always a scent to best suit the mood.

The art of scenting has long been understood within industries that inspire elegance, such as spas, hotels, and retail stores. But now, thanks to the same concept being brought to the home market, it’s possible to embrace the benefits of delicious fragrance in every single room of the house.