Scenting for Productivity: Tips for Your Office

Scenting for Productivity: Tips for Your Office

A relaxing and welcoming office culture makes it easy to work and play hard, no matter your industry. Creating a space where employees feel inspired and motivated to do their best work is a critical consideration for any business leader.

Scent has a profound impact on our mood, memory, and energy levels, making it a priority to ensure that your office space or studio is curated accordingly for customers as well as employees. Check out tips for scenting your office to boost productivity at work.

Scents to improve your workplace

While there are plenty of essential oils to choose from to scent your space, it’s a good idea to narrow down your options according to your scenting goals. We’ve chosen three scents below as a starting point: 

  • Eucalyptus: Our Across the Universe fragrance oil boasts a crisp, clean leading note of eucalyptus that helps clear the mind and awaken your senses to stay focus while working.
  • Jasmine: Known for its ability to boost mood and reduce stress, jasmine is another great choice for scenting your office space. The Nirvana fragrance oil contains a middle notes of jasmine that is perfect for hard-working teams needing a refreshing welcome when they arrive to work.
  • Citrus: Citrus scents are known for curbing digestion and nausea, as well as antioxidant protection. Our Paradise Lost fragrance oil begins with an aldehydic orange accord that is guaranteed to uplift your space and ensure it always carries a clean scent.

Get a scent diffuser for your office

While personal home diffusers are popular, offering office scenting solution will provide better value for your business not only for your employees but also for building brand awareness through scent marketing. HVAC-optimized diffusers better enable scent distribution without leaving behind harmful residue, while reaping the incredible benefits of Aromachology.

Avoid traditional air fresheners

Aerosol spray cans often irritate those who are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma. They can also cause migraines, mucosal symptoms, and skin irritation. Oil diffusers are a safer when diffused with our blend therapeutic-grade and perfume-quality fragrance oils. 

Whether you’re a WFH warrior or in the office every day, our diffusers and scent library offers something for everyone. Discover your productivity scent by browsing our full selection of fragrances today!