Scenting Cinemas & Live Theaters

Scenting Cinemas & Live Theaters


The thrilling visit to a cinema or live theater may leave a lasting impression on all involved. Whether it is the experience as such, the latest thriller or perhaps the scent? Because not only do the newest movies arouse emotions, but scents do as well. And the interest in scenting interiors is constantly growing because after all, the sensual experience is one of the few factors that allow cinemas or live theaters to distinguish themselves from online competition.

Scent Marketing in Cinemas

Scenting cinemas and live theaters is about the creation of subtle olfactory impressions, as well as the solid coverage of unpleasant smells. The anticipation of a newly released film will lead to many people gathering in a small space. People will indulge in snacks and drinks while watching a movie or performance which can contribute to unpleasant smells, causing lost business and customers turning away from the venue.

However, scenting a cinema or live theater does a lot more than simply neutralizing bad odors, because appealing to the human senses has become an important instrument. If a symphony of aromas is unfolded, corresponding to the film or atmosphere, customers will engage with the movie on another emotional level. The right choice of aroma leads to an unforgettable cinematic experience and people wanting to watch the next movie in a cinema instead of streaming it from their living room.

The Power of Scent Marketing

Scenting cinemas or live theaters is effective because it taps into human emotions and experiences; every person has certain scents that remind them of events in their lives. Venues that develop signature scents stick in the mind of customers as they make the experience invisibly perceptible through the nose as well.

As scent marketing continues to grow, companies have begun to realize the enormous impact scent can have on their brand. The correct scent has remarkable power in its ability to form immediate and powerful connections with customers. In the theater and cinema industry, something as simple as the scent of popcorn is enough to trigger most people's memory of a movie or lead them into purchasing more.


Having a commercial scent machine diffuse the scent of popcorn near the entrance of a cinema can remind passersby of previous cinema experiences and entice them into watching a movie. Having a powerful scent in place can help to bring new customers through the doors.

Get A Scent In Place

As cinemas and live theatres have changed over the last decades, so has the importance of leaving no stone unturned in creating a powerful experience for the customer. These days it’s easier than ever before to hop online and watch a movie from the comfort of your own home, so cinemas and theatres have to make the experience unforgettable for the customer and therefore more than just about watching a movie.

Aroma360 offers high-powered commercial scent machines that will cover every inch of space inside a cinema or live theatre. Each commercial scent machine covers multiple areas at a time with pre-selected scent concentration levels and is fitted with an internal clock that allows you to decide when scenting occurs. There is a wide variety of scents to choose from, and Aroma360’s professional staff can help you decide which scent suits your requirements.