Scent Your Special Day this Wedding Season

Scent Your Special Day this Wedding Season

Scenting your venue 

The ambiance of your wedding venue and reception sets the entire tone for your wedding, from the color-themed décor down to the tablecloth and silverware. So why not take it up a notch and add a luxurious scenting experience for your guests that will leave them talking about your wedding for years to come. Adding a touch of an ultra-romantic scent throughout your wedding venue will amplify your beautiful day and will have your guest feeling the love in the air. Depending on how big your venue is you can scent using our scent diffusers such as the VanGogh360, which scents up to 1,800 sq feet, or DaVinic360, which scents up to 800 sq feet; they are both ideal for scenting a decent or large size venue and reception. Also, add luxe candles to the table décor or at the venue entrance for a subtle hint of fragrance and aesthetic. We recommend using herbily fragrances with notes like lavender, white tea, and eucalyptus; Dream OnMy WayMidnight in Parisand Blue Moon are a few scents that will complement your venue very well. It is a special way to individualize your wedding, creating a memory for you and your guest that will last a lifetime!  

The Best Wedding Registry Gift 

The amazing part of the wedding after saying “I do” is the gifts you receive from your friends and family. Many engaged couples amongst planning their lovely wedding relish in the fact that they get to make a wedding registry, adding home accessories, kitchen items, and other desired gifts to their list for when they move into their home together. Start your beautiful journey of building a comfy home together with scenting, we have listed below some amazing gifts that you can add to your registry that you will love: 

Mini360 SL  

The sleek and efficient waterless Mini360 diffuser is the perfect item to add to your registry and kickstart your scenting journey for your new home with your partner. Whether it is scenting your whole apartment or a room, the ability to have your home smelling like a luxurious hotel will leave you both feeling lovely with each mist.   


Candles are an amazing way to fill a room or foyer with warm and rich scents, there is just something so romantic about a lit candle and the ambiance it brings to your home. Our signature candle collection carries 3 indulging scents of Déjà VuMy Way, and Iris 3-wick candle, don’t forget to add the wick trimmer and matchbox for a sophisticated look!   

Room Sprays & Reed Diffuser 

Our signature Room Sprays provide a burst of freshness when dispersed that can be taken on the go. It complements your scenting system and is a nice add-on to have in any room or bathroom, there are 3 scents available (Déjà Vu, My Way, and Iris). Also add our Reed Diffusers to the list to accent your home décor, and fit for the bathrooms, entranceway, and hallways. 


The scenting experience doesn’t need to end when the reception does. Choose from Candles, Room Sprays, and Reed Diffusers that can be personalized with your wedding date, names, or just about anything of significance (who doesn’t love a nice luxurious wedding gift?). Reach out to our Scent Specialists to further discuss how to make your wedding stand out through the power of scent as you celebrate your day of love or when you want to accent your home after the honeymoon!