Why Retail Stores Need A Scent Machine-Aroma360 HVAC Scenting Systems

Why Retail Stores Need A Scent Machine


The scenting of luxury environments has long been associated with industries such as hotels and spas. In comparison, bespoke aromas within a retail space is still a relatively new concept. However, with high-profile retailers like Nike and Abercrombie and Fitch proving how powerful retail scenting is, it’s high time that stores of all sizes embrace this truly potent sales medium.

The Power of Scent in Retail Stores

  • Scent Marketing
  • Influence Customer Behaviors
  • Major Benefits to Staff

Scent Marketing 

Retail scent marketing is a booming market, and for good reason—get it right and it directly impacts baseline profits. Mike Gatti, Executive Director of the National Retail Foundation, says of the concept,

“Its purpose is to keep customers in your store, to create this welcoming environment—and it works; it does keep people in your store longer. It helps people feel better in their shopping, and in a lot of cases causes them to spend more money.”

Smell is the only human sense that’s hard-wired into the brain, bypassing conscious thought to harness strong emotions and create connections. It’s this innate aspect that makes fragrancing a retail space with a commercial scent machine so effective at increasing profits.

How Scent Influences Customer Behaviors

One of the primary aspects of imbuing a store with aroma is that it increases customer desire to linger. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy something. Not only does it raise that intent to purchase, but also encourages an increased level of spend.

In addition, it only takes minimal exposure for the brain to forge a connection between a particular fragrance and a brand. Get the smell right, and it adds a whole extra layer to a company’s branding.

Major Benefits to Staff

The benefits don’t stop there, staff benefit too. Aroma is firmly linked with mood, making a pleasing fragrance pivotal in how great everyone feels in the store. Happy staff equals better customer interaction and that equals more sales. Content workers also take less sick days, are more productive, and are far more likely to remain employed with the company.

Commercial Scent Machines for the Ultimate Customer and Staff Experience 

  • Why Choose a Scent Machine?
  • Cold Air Diffusion vs Other Scenting Options

Why Choose a Scent Machine?

By far the most effective manner to easily and evenly diffuse a chosen scent is to use an advanced HVAC compatible commercial scent machine. Bespoke scenting company, Aroma360, provides technologically advanced machines designed to suit retail stores and businesses of all sizes. 

Cold Air Diffusion vs Other Scenting Options 

Such machines ensure a chosen scent reaches every square inch of space, from the smallest shop through to enormous department stores on multiple levels. Unlike other scenting options, such as plug-ins or sprays, a scent machine diffuses the scent uniformly throughout the whole store on an ongoing basis.

Partner with Aroma360 for the Most Effective Retail Scenting Experience 

The experts at Aroma360 don’t simply provide the best commercial scent machines. Their aromachologists work with retailers to determine the exact scent that speaks the brand message and is perfectly in tune with the products on sale. Store owners can choose from the plethora of scents on offer, or even have a bespoke scent created based on the brand message, customer demographics, and more.

Get in touch now at www.aroma360.com and discover all you need to know about the retail scent marketing revolution.