Smart Car Diffuser

Our NEW Smart Car Diffuser

Enhance your car journey through the power of scent

We have now expanded the art of scenting that goes beyond your home and business with our newest Smart Car Diffuser. Now you can diffuse your favorite scents on the road and create an aromatic experience as you drive either to work, running errands, or on a road trip. We have combined the car diffuser with smart technology capabilities as well as a sleek and modern look that is small and portable. The smart car diffuser also has a Smart Car Diffuser Oil that comes in five of our best-selling scents, (My Way, Escapade, Dream On, 24k Magic, and Black Velvet) which allows you to swap scents with ease or refill.

Why Is It Smart?

Our Smart Car Diffuser takes car scenting to new heights with its innovative features, the auto start and stop function detects when your car is on or off to disperse the scent only while you drive. It enters a “stand by” state when the car is off, meaning it will not diffuse to conserve battery and the scenting oil which we know you will love! It is easy to install the oil by simply inserting the cotton core into the bottle and screwing in your desired scent oil then press the multi-function button to adjust your scent intensity to create an opulent ambiance to elevate your commute. 

Special Features Included

The Aroma360 Smart Car Diffuser comes with the following unique features for an amazing fragrance atomization use at any time and anywhere:
  • USB Charger to easily charge the diffuser in the car. 
  • Ability to swap scents easily at any time with handy scent cartridges 
  • 5 level capability to adjust scent intensity 

The smart car diffuser is designed to take your Aroma360 scent on the road with you and fill your car’s interior with a beautiful fragrance experience. It also comes with a silicon adhesive to easily attach to your dashboard to keep it in place. Beautifully packaged and presented, we think this is the perfect gift for all the drivers in your life or even yourself!