Our New Sultry Scent Has Launched!

Our New Sultry Scent Has Launched!

Inspired by Clive Christian 

We are honored to introduce to you our newest scent, Sister Christian! Inspired by the sultry and intoxicating Clive Christian “Jump up and Kiss Me Ecstatic” perfume, we wanted to embody the euphoric sensational fragrance that was launched in 2017. Clive Christian is one of the finest perfumery houses in all the UK, known for its everlasting and exquisite perfumes. We wanted to take the sweet floral and warm amber notes of the perfume and transform it into an oil that will leave you dangerously in love and laud the similarities between the both.

Background and Inspiration  

Clive Christian Perfume House first established in 1999, when Clive Christian took over the Crown Perfumery Company. It soon built up its reputation over the years for creating fragrances with ingredients that last longer than most traditionally marketed perfumes. He was granted Queen Victoria permission to use the Queen's crown on top of the bottle, which is now the signature design of the Clive Christian perfume bottle. Clive Christian learn more about Crown Perfumer Company and was surprised to see it was still in business, he took over the neglected perfume house to revive the brand, and shortly after opened the doors to the world’s most expensive perfume brand that took his name. Clive is also known for the perfume technology that captures the molecules of fragrances through an alchemical process that has never been imitated before, making it them stand out the most. 

We love the idea of making a resemblance of a scent from Clive Christian into a fragrance that can be diffused in your home. Our Sister Christian scent can best be described as a floral and feminine scent that opens to blooms of jasmine and lemon flower and just a hint of Valencia zest. The addition of black cloves takes you to the heart of the scent, along with amber and cinnamon, before giving way to base notes of rosewood, santal, and cashmere musk, all leading way to a finish of warm woods.   

Available for purchase 

Beginning today, Sister Christian is now available for purchase on our website that can be diffused with one of our scent diffusers and filling your space with the inspired ecstatic fragrance throughout your home or business. Providing you with luxury scenting that will elevate any ambiance, Happy Scenting!