Love Smells: And True Love Stinks!

Love Smells: And True Love Stinks!

Much has been pondered, written, and learned over the centuries about the power of scent when it comes to attracting a mate. From attempts to bottle the sexual allure of musk deer to other elaborate potions promising instant attraction, the human race has been obsessed with the “smell of love” since the beginning of time.

When It Comes To Love, Your Subconscious Is Hard At Work

From pheromones to body language, each of us is constantly sending out unconscious signals and never is this truer than when we’re trying to impress someone we find attractive. The power of smell is incredible and plays a huge part in our success to woo a partner. It only takes the merest whiff of a fragrance to be whisked back in time to a certain place, or a long-forgotten scent transporting you back to the embrace of an ex-partner, to realize the potency of certain scents.


So it makes sense that the clever use of gorgeous smells can be utilized to create an atmosphere conducive to romance. Legend has it that Cleopatra scented the sails of her royal barge with rose water in her efforts to seduce Mark Antony.

Set The Mood For Date Night

OK, so the scene is set. You’ve scoured Thomas Keller’s latest cookbook for the ultimate dining delight (or, as the case may be, ordered in). There are fresh flowers on the side, you’ve carefully selected your outfit for the evening, and it goes without saying that you’re liberally doused in your favorite perfume or aftershave.


But now, thanks to the wonderful option of home scenting, you can take date night prep one step further. From candles to reed diffusers and even whole-home scenting systems, ensuring the right aroma lingers in the air has never been easier. Gone are the days when the only way to do so was with a chemically unpleasant plug-in or a planet-killing aerosol. Now thanks to the burgeoning eco-friendly aroma industry, it’s possible to truly increase the multi-sensory experience with deliciously romantic room fragrancing.

Aromas To Set The Mood

There’s a myriad of choices when it comes to the perfect fragrance for a romantic setting. Jasmine, lime, orange, cedarwood, rose… These are all firm favorites and can make for the perfect backdrop in both the home setting or, indeed, within an intimate restaurant atmosphere.


Even better, we can take advantage of a scent company that specifically creates combination scents for the perfect ambiance. After all, you trust perfumiers with your choice of scent, so it makes perfect sense that room fragrancing is also approached in the same manner.


One such company is Aroma360. They provide scenting solutions for both home and business and are at the forefront of an exciting, fast-growing industry that’s genuinely still in its infancy. With love and attraction being one of the most studied areas of what’s known as “aromachology,” setting the scene for a romantic evening has never been easier, thanks to the use of eco-friendly scent diffusers, candles, or reeds.


Love will, of course, wend its own mysterious path, but it can never hurt to give it a helping hand. So whether you’re looking to charm a new partner or fanning the flames of a long-term relationship, the additional level of room fragrancing might—just might—help the course of true love run smooth…