Lisa Hochstein's 'Fly' Collection Redefines Luxury Fragrance!

Lisa Hochstein's 'Fly' Collection Redefines Luxury Fragrance!

Lisa Hochstein's 'Fly' collection is an invitation to transform your sensory experiences. Elevate your senses, redefine your aromatic journey, and embrace the empowering allure of 'Fly' wherever life takes you.

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Exploring Lisa Hochstein's 'Fly' collection by Aroma360 

Experience the enchantment of Lisa Hochstein's 'Fly' collection, a collaboration with Aroma360 that redefines fragrance. In this brief read, we'll explore the key products and notes that make this special edition fragrance range a transformative journey for your senses.

Fly Parfum
'Fly' Perfume is a captivating blend that opens with Pamplemousse, Citron Zest, and Heliotrope Flower. With notes of Bulgarian Rose, Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine, and a seductive base of Tonka Bean, Amber, Sheer Musk, and Patchouli, it's a fragrance that leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression. 

Fly WirelessPro™
The Fly WirelessPro™ merges elegance with innovation. This waterless, heatless portable diffuser ensures a serene ambiance with silent diffusion technology. With 12 hours of portability, it redefines scent diffusion, offering unmatched sensory pleasure in any space.

Fly Fragrance

Take 'Fly' wherever you go with the Fly Fragrance Oil and Fly Smart Car Diffuser Oil. These portable companions bring the empowering allure of 'Fly' to your home or on the road. The Fly Smart Car Diffuser, with intelligent start/stop technology and adjustable intensity levels, ensures you travel in style. 

Fly Smart Car Diffuser

Elevate your journey with the special edition Fly Smart Car Diffuser. In collaboration with Lisa Hochstein, it seamlessly marries style and function, releasing the enchanting aroma only when your car is in motion. With USB charging and adjustable scent intensity, you're in control of your aromatic experience. 

Fly Engraved Candle

Conclude your sensory journey with the Fly Engraved Candle. Capturing 'Fly's' essence in a radiant flame, this 14oz candle burns for 90 hours, bringing the empowering allure of 'Fly' to your space. Coming soon!