How to Use Scent Recovery Post Workout

How to Use Scent Recovery Post Workout

The benefits of home scenting stretch far beyond creating a perfect atmosphere to entertain guests and a therapeutic oasis to relax and unwind in, you can also use scent to support an active lifestyle! Whether it is from cycling, Pilates, trail running, or lifting—you can leverage the powers of scenting oils to help reduce inflammation and soreness to revamp your workout routine! Below are a few benefits of incorporating aromatherapy after a great work session:

Using Essential Oils to Boost Athletic Performance

The benefits of using essential oils for athletic performance have made scenting a staple for holistic workout routines. If you haven’t made it to a scenting gym yet, they’re the perfect place to help relieve your mind and body of stress so you can relax and focus! Supplement your training and nutrition regimen with the perfect scent to boost your mood and soothe your muscle fibers.

Alleviate muscle soreness

HVAC scent diffusers are the perfect addition to your home gym or studio to improve recovery and overall wellbeing. If you’re looking to release tension from your body, finding the right scent for your personal space is a great way to relieve stiffness, pain from bruises, or sore joints. 

Find your mood booster

Not only can scents provide comfort and relaxation for your body, but also for your mind! Elevate that amazing post-workout glow with a scent that improves your mood and productivity. Scent has been shown to affect our emotions and memory recall, as well as provide transformative improvements in concentration.

Find the right scent for your recovery needs

We’ve curated the following breakdown of the benefits of a variety of essential oils to consider for a recovery-focused signature scent for your home.


Bring relief to tired, aching limbs after sweating it out on the treadmill or at the gym. Peppermint’s cooling effect is known to provide relief to aching areas of the body.


Eucalyptus applies a cooling effect to your muscles that can reduce pain and inflammation. Across the Universe comprises a refreshing scent profile containing notes of eucalyptus, lemon, sandalwood, and citron.


A gentle sedative, lavender is best known for its sleep benefits. You can also use this light and airy floral scent to target cramps and muscle soreness following physical activity. Blue Moon is the perfect choice to add a more relaxing scent to help you de-stress and slow down.

The Takeaway

Using specific fragrance oils after a workout can speed up recovery time, reduce pain and soreness, and create a welcoming environment for members of your studio. Recover faster with a restorative and soothing home scent that creates the perfect post-workout scent scape!