How Scent Marketing Increases Sales-Aroma360 HVAC Scenting Systems

How Scent Marketing Increases Sales


When it comes to generating attention toward your brand or completing the sale of a product, there are countless ways to tantalize the senses of your potential consumers. Some brands focus on imprinting their logo into the visual cortex of a passerby, while others may include unique sounds within their advertisements to catch the ear of the viewer. However, it may come as a surprise to many that scent marketing is one of the most complex and integral facets of gaining favor for your brand. Follow us for a brief look at the psychology behind scent marketing, and how companies have been using scent diffusers to persuade in-store actions for years.


Without getting into the deep psychology surrounding how different smells affect the brain, the most notable aspect of scent research shows there is a connection between scent and memory. Because aromas bypass all thought processes and strike our brain’s limbic system directly, there’s no way to ‘contemplate’ the smell before you’re emotionally affected by it. Undoubtedly, we all have memories that flood into our minds after experiencing a familiar smell, and these triggers can be pleasant or uncomfortable depending on the connection being made. For example, the smell of coffee doesn’t just remind me of how much I love coffee beans, it may actually remind me of the way I felt during my first cup of coffee ever. In such a way, I’m enticed to recreate that feeling again, not necessarily to only enjoy the cup at hand.

Creating The Connection

It has been observed that adults can distinguish between 10,000 scents. When you think about that, it becomes clear how impressive it truly is that select brands have been able to impart a unique smell associated with their products. And while we can surely talk about business places which innately come with a scent association (such as Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts) there are many companies that employ scent marketing tactics to enhance certain environments. For example, Salon Media Group reported that gamblers will spend 45% more of their money if the casino they are playing in has an HVAC scent system releasing floral scents. Likewise, Nike consumers admitted that a "pleasant ambient scent" enhanced their positive impressions of the products, and served as a reason to return to the store. This means that regardless of the industry, scent plays a vital role in the decision-making process of each consumer, even if they are unaware of the surrounding smell. For all of the advertising your consumers interact with after encountering your brand scent, their brain will recall the way your in-store scents made them feel. This is why practically every major brand today employs scent marketing companies, who can perfect their scent formula to release into their HVAC system.

With so much research pouring in every year regarding the psychology of the senses, and with so many innovative gadgets for creating aromatics, there's no reason not to experiment with scents. By including a distinct scent along with your thank you cards, you'll absolutely increase customer retention and brand familiarity. Adding an HVAC diffuser to your marketplace will create an inviting sensation that will make customers feel comfortable enough to make the next purchase. Even for businesses, utilizing an HVAC scent system can positively affect the work produced in your offices, so don't sleep on this incredible subliminal motivator.