Home Scenting with Aroma360

Home Scenting with Aroma360

Why Scent?

When it comes to scenting your house you want it to smell just as amazing as it looks especially when you have your family and friends over. The home scent that you use is the one that displays your overall personality throughout your home and that will resonate with people, which is why choosing how you scent your home is immensely important. One way you can evenly scent your entire home is with the technology of Cold-Air Diffusion. This scenting technology circulates the air in your home through an atomizer to release our fragrance oils into a dry mist, keeping the therapeutic properties of the oils intact, without requiring water or heat through the HVAC system. Using a heatless and waterless diffuser is the gold standard for aromatherapy and the safest, cleanest way to scent your whole home.

The benefits of home scenting

There are many benefits to scenting your home from the compliments you will receive to the health benefits when diffusing our oils that carry notes such as lavender, white tea, cedarwood, and many more. Scenting allows a person to create an ambiance to what they desire and will make their humble abode feel much more welcoming. The moment you inhale when you come home you will be able to feel more at ease, releasing stress and reducing any anxiety you may have had throughout the day. The beauty of scenting with our oil diffusers is that you can choose your intensity and the schedule of when you want to diffuse the scent. Our scent library has over 39 scenting oils that you can choose from that will either boost your energy, relieve pain, improve your sleep, and also boost your immune system. The benefits are endless and the scents are just as exquisite, each in their own way.

Our heatless and waterless diffusers

Aroma360 offers scent diffusers that are suitable for all spaces whether that is a condo/apartment, townhouse, a 2-story house, or even a château. Choosing the right diffuser is typically one of the most important parts of scenting, which is why we are here to break down the different aroma diffusers we have available and their purpose. Keep reading to find out which heatless and waterless diffusers is perfect for you and your home:

Mini360 SL

The Mini360 SL is our premiere waterless diffuser that scents up to 400 square feet. Its sleek and innovative design diffuses easily and efficiently, which is great for beginning your scenting journey. We recommend this diffuser for small condos and apartments, hallways, and singles rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, etc.). The Mini360 offers a remote control so you can easily change the intensity level when scenting.


The DaVinci360 is a portable diffuser with HVAC scenting capabilities and is a stand-alone that can be mounted. It has a built-in fan for consistent coverage that diffuses spaces up to 800 square feet, which is great for larger rooms, a penthouse, or an entire floor of a home. This diffuser features a programmed weekly timer for multiple scenting schedules throughout the week and a security lock for the fragrance compartment.


The VanGogh360 is another very versatile diffuser that can connect through your HVAC system or diffuse as a standalone. Covering spaces of up to 1,800 square feet, it is perfect for dispersing your whole home or larger homes attached to one HVAC for entire floor scenting. This aroma diffuser can be programmed for multiple scenting schedules throughout the week.

The Museum360 / Museum360 XL

Our greatest aroma diffuser of all is our The Museum360 / Museum360 XL which covers spaces between 3,000-6,000 square feet, all through your home HVAC system connection. This state-of-the-art aromatic diffuser provides scenting for larger homes, which distributes the scent in the air evenly in spaces with high ceilings. The heatless and waterless diffuser comes with an easy-to-use digital time that can be programmable in advance for multiple scent schedules throughout the week.

Scenting is so much more than filling your space with fresh and floral fragrances, it is also learning about what is compatible and accents your home décor while creating an aromatic sensory experience, reaping the health benefits  of your scenting oil as you diffuse. We would love to hear from you about your scenting needs! Our scent consultants are available to walk you through the decision to find the oil diffuser that best fits your home and space.