Facts about Scenting Your Home During the Summer

Facts about Scenting Your Home During the Summer

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Proven facts about scenting your home during the summer  

As it gets warmer outside and preparing for the summer, we want to make sure you know how to scent your home, bringing more fresh and clean fragrances into your space. Changing your fragrance is an effective way to re-set your mood and enhance your health, which is scientifically proven. It is recommended to switch to a fresher scent as it gets more humid this upcoming season and the scent is a way of letting go of the past and start anew again; the association of trying a new fresh scent will allow you to make new memories, especially for the summer. Another scientific proven fact is that scent molecules thrive more in the warmer months which means they move faster having a more potent smell and effect, creating a great atmosphere for  to diffuse throughout your house as you cool off.  

Ways to scent your home for the Summer 

Choosing the right scents is the most important part of scenting your home for the summer. That’s why we suggest fresh, citrus, and fruity scents because of their light and energizing prosperities, and the health benefits they provide for the longer days in the summer when you are feeling sluggish or sleepy. These scents also create a cooler atmosphere as they circulate which will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. Diffusing with our scent diffuser minimizes the dry effects of the air conditioning, which is another way to add more cooling air into your home. You can also use a room spray to lighten the space and cool your linen. We have narrowed down some of our current summer scents from our scent library that you can browse through and find out which one you may like; you can also request a sample pack if you are not sure which one you want to settle with for the summer.  

Here are some of our summer scent suggestions:  

California Love  


Eternal Sunshine  

Hawaiian Sunset 


Mother Ocean  

Ocean Eyes  

Summer Breeze 


Try something new during this summer season scent one of our suggestions, while you create the most unforgettable summer with new memories!