Choosing The Best Scent For Your Business

Choosing The Best Scent For Your Business


The concept of scent marketing and scent branding certainly isn’t something to be sniffed at. This fledgling industry now weighs into the tune of millions of dollars and is growing exponentially. Much research has been carried out into the power of smell on emotional connections, mood, and memory. It’s now well established that aromas trigger sensory reactions and emotion far more effectively than that of the other senses.* 

Ensuring the right fragrance is utilized within business premises is a powerful tool. It not only instigates emotions but also forms a subliminal link between the scent and your brand. From, strengthening brand loyalty, increasing customers’ purchasing intent to reducing mistakes within the workplace, our humble sense of smell has a massive impact, forming immediate connections both at a conscious and subconscious level.

So… How'd you go about choosing the best scent to optimize your business?

Understanding Your Brand DNA 

No matter what the industry, selecting a signature scent boils down to the core of your brand identity and company message. For that you need to define the following:
  • Brand Personality

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Promises

  • Brand Tone

Most importantly, it is critical to establish the emotions to be associated with your brand experience.

Don’t worry, this isn’t something you’ll be expected to translate into a particular scent. For that, you need the expertise of a scent branding strategist. These aromachologists work with a company to create an individual fragrance that represents exactly what the brand wants to convey.

A brand’s message is highly industry-specific. For example:


  • Spas And Salons

Here the message tends to be one of relaxation and the perception of high-quality cosmetic products. Fragrances such as green tea, lemon, and ginger communicate antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Lily of the Valley and Jasmine are delicate and uplifting, whereas vanilla and sandalwood have gentle calming effects.


  • Fitness Centers And Gyms

Such a business might need a combination of aromas depending on the area. The changing rooms and gym itself will want a scent that invigorates, such as that of citrus fruits. The reception and retail area might require something quite different to promote sales and sign-ups.
  • Hotels And Accommodation

Perhaps the most well-known businesses that utilize scent branding are the big-name hotels. For instance, The W Hotels fill their locations with a citrusy, floral combination of lemon, lemongrass, magnolia, jasmine, and lily. The Ritz Carlton in D.C., on the other hand, takes full advantage of the city’s cherry blossoms as a signature scent.

These are just a few examples of how a business can translate scent into customer awareness, satisfaction, and sales. There are many ways a company can fill the air with their signature scent, from the simplest option of reeds and diffusers through to the most technologically advanced scent machines for business premises.

The first step is to work with an expert to determine a unique signature scent that truly communicates the brand message. Discovering the optimal scenting solution is an intricate journey that can reap multiple rewards, including that of customer loyalty, brand recognition, and increased revenue. Careful consideration is essential, as well as working with a recognized industry specialist, such as Aroma360. Only by taking into account the intimate facets of an individual business can this be best interpreted into a fragrance.

The sweet smell of success isn’t just about your products and/or services. It’s also about the customer experience and how your customers perceive your brand.. In today’s media-saturated society, the best way you can deliver this message is straight up your customers’ noses…

Browse our scent library or contact the fragrance experts at Aroma360 to assist you in choosing the best scent for your business.