Candles 101 – Trimming your Wick

Candles 101 – Trimming your Wick

Count on us to know the importance of a wick trimmer 

A wick trimmer is a scissor-like tool that clips the excess ashy “mushroom” wick or carbon built-up. It is the first step to ensuring the best possible scenting experience for any candle. The wick trimmer features a plate cutter with a raised edged to capture the burnt trim wick or used to keep the wick trimmed when you want to burn your candle. We recommend that when you receive your candle, trim the wick down about ¼ inches in length before you light it and each time after that. Trimming it to this length will establish a clean and safe burn.  

Finding the right tool for trimming your wick 

Some people might use any pair of scissors to get the job done or even their hand, which we highly suggest against. Both methods are the wrong way to properly care for your candles and can cause even more mess or damage. As the candle continues to burn down, it becomes almost impossible to reach with the blade of any scissors and can be too far down to do an adequate job of trimming the wick. This is why it is important to have a special tool like the Aroma360 Wick Trimmer as your go-to for this purpose specifically, plus it shows your guest how much of a candle connoisseur you are.  

Make a clean burn 

There is a visible difference between a trimmed wick and an untrimmed wick when burning candles. A trimmed wicks burn clean with the flame appearing bright and subtle, which allow for the aroma of the candle to disperse throughout the room and burn evenly. While an untrimmed or long wick will create huge flames that can be dangerous depending on where you place your candles and can cause a black hue in the flame, that can make it appear more dull and almost obscured.  

Below, are some additional benefits to trimming your wick: 

  • You never have to worry about soot appearing on your ceilings and surfaces with a trimmed wick. 
  • The candle will have more longevity and control of the amount of wax being burned. Do not burn for more than 4 hours.
  • Less mess with debris and carbon build up in the wax. It also minimizes the amount of soot created. 
  • It enhances the scent diffusion of the candle while burning for a more aromatic scenting experience. 


The Takeaway 

Whether you are a candle connoisseur or want to look more sophisticated owning a wick trimmer allows you to upkeep the care of your candles with each use. When you keep your wicks trimmed, you can expect a longer use from your candles as well as an overall safer burn. Shop our signature candle collection to pair with your wick trimmer now!