Aroma360 Scent Club and Rewards Program

Aroma360 Scent Club and Rewards Program

Join The Club  

Have you heard? Aroma360 now offers auto-delivery when you subscribe and rewards each time you shop with us! Our Rewards Program and Scent Club are free to join and easy to use, simply go to the header on our website and hover over the “Join the Club” menu, there you will see two of our newest programs we have created just for you. The process is quick and easy to sign up, in a matter of moments you will be earning points that you can redeem for future use and you never have to worry about not having to order your favorite scenting oil each time you run out. The process is quick and easy to sign up, so why not get rewarded for shopping for the things you love! 

Aroma360 Rewards Program 

Joining the Aroma360 Rewards Program is a great way to earn points for doing something as simple as liking us on Facebook or even signing up. There are many ways to build your points, we have made it fun and easy to earn points every time you shop. Below is other many ways to earn point to reach your goal to get rewarded:

  • For every dollar you spend on a purchase, you receive one point ($1.00=1 point.) 
  • Create an account with Aroma360 and earn 25 points. 
  • Like us on Facebook, there’s 10 points. 
  • Follow us on Instagram, another 10 points. 
  • Sign up for guessed it, another 10 points! 
  • Your birthday is important to us, so important that we will give you 100 points to help you celebrate! 
  • Refer a friend (why keep all the scents to yourself?) There’s 250 points.
  • Write us a review, there’s 10 more points coming your way! 

You can redeem your points for a free shipping voucher or to receive a $25 or $50 voucher to use with your next purchase. We also have tiers starting off at the standard tier then to the VIP tier which is where the Scent Club comes in with subscribing to any product to reach this tier. As a VIP member you also get to enjoy the following extra perks such as for every dollar you spend on a purchase, receive three points ($1.00=3 points) and for your birthday get 500 points, how amazing is that! 

Our Scent Club 

Our Scent Club is steadily growing offering our customers a convenient way of getting their favorite scenting oil every 30 days with no commitment. How it works is you choose your preferred scenting oil which you can change scents whenever you please with our easy scent swap feature. Then you scroll to the bottom choosing the right bottle size for your diffuser and click subscribe & save, giving 10% off every 30 days, after you create an account you will automatically receive your first 25 points in our Rewards Program to start you off and even getting you to the VIP tier for subscribing! At any given moment you can swap, pause, or reschedule your monthly subscription without ever having to worry about getting charged and with no strings attached. We hope you are just as excited to get these exclusive perks just as much as we can’t wait to spoil you, so join today!