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Mini360 SL

Discontinued Date: September 14th, 2023

Features Wireless Pro™Patent Pending Mini360 SL
Scent Efficiency 20% More Scent Standard
Scenting Noise Silent Scenting Audible Buzzing Sound
Power Source Wireless Operation Wired Power
Portability Portable and Versatile Limited Portability
Remote Control 4 Buttons 14 Buttons
Connectivity Remote Remote
Scent Dispenser Pro-Pod™ Patent Pending Standard Fragrance oil(50mL/120mL)
Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use Indoor Use Primarily
Cold-Air Diffusion
Waterless & Heatless

Wireless Pro™ and Pro-Pod™ - A Superior Duo!

Experience the Power of the new Wireless Pro™ (patent pending) together with the Pro-Pod™ (patent pending) Technology, Enhancing Every Fragrance Moment. Discover Innovative Portability Redefining Scenting Experiences to Match Your Unique Space and Preferences.

Wireless Pro™ Patent Pending
Pro-Pod™ Patent Pending


A scent diffuser is a device used to disperse fragrance into the air, enhancing the ambiance of a space with a pleasant scent.

Cold air diffusion works by breaking down essential oils into tiny particles and dispersing them into the air, creating a fine mist that carries the fragrance throughout a room.

The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is exclusively compatible with the Pro-Pod™ (patent pending)?

The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) should be cleaned every 30 days with the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) Cleaning Kit.

Cold air diffusers are generally safe when used as directed. Research the specific scent note you plan to use to ensure you are not allergic and consider diffusing in well-ventilated areas.

A simple-to-use 4-button remote is included in the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) package. Easily adjust the scent intensity from low, medium, or high.

Discover our luxury scent library, or use our website search to look up your favorite scent note. When on a fragrance oil product page, be sure to select the bottle size that says “Pro-Pod™.

The Pro-Pod™ fragrance can last over 30 days; however, it also depends on how frequently you plan to use the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending).

Yes, you can use different scents in the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending), however, we recommend using the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) Cleaning Kit to ensure the scents do not mix when dispersed.

The portable usage of the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is up to 12 hours without charge.

Yes, the Is the Pro-Pod™ (patent pending) is available for subscription for all scents in our active scent library.

The Mini360 SL is our classic cold air scent diffuser that is not portable. The Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) is our new best-selling scent diffuser that is portable; you can easily take the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending) anywhere you go. You may also view are comparison chart here.

The Pro-Pod™ (patent pending) can only be used with the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending). Our classic fragrance oils bottle can only be used with are large cold air diffusers.

The Pro Pod™ (patent pending) is an exclusive fragrance oil bottle that is only compatible with the Wireless Pro™ (Patent Pending). The technology of the Pro Pod™ (patent pending) allows for even and silent scenting.