The Perfect Harmony between Scenting and Music

The Perfect Harmony between Scenting and Music

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The congruence connection we didn’t know about

The compatibility between scenting and music is a connection that not a lot of people may realize the impact that they both have on our emotions especially when used by businesses to encourage the buying behavior of consumers. Music is typically used to boost your mood while scenting is also used to improve your mood through the olfactory nerve, when you put both together it creates a multi-sensory experience that will be embedded in your mind as connection between a song and a scent. The combination of matching scents with music is a natural cross-modal that hasn’t been explored as much but does play a significant role in changing the mood of people instantly, have you ever realized how much happier you are when you listen to your favorite song while diffusing one of your favorite candles, both senses are twice as heightened when experienced together to resonate with you, leaving an effect to reminisce when you hear the song or smell the fragrance again.

The multi-sensory experience at Aroma360

Of course, Aroma360 knows all things about scenting! In the very beginning when the company first started brainstorming the names for our scenting oils we instantly know we wanted to paired each scent to a name of a song. As we were exploring the scent notes we felt some songs would be a cross-modal correspondence together, creating the perfect multi-sensory experience that will remind you of scent whenever you heard the song. We also wanted to find a way to stand out and using popular song titles is what stuck with us. Our very first song /scent combination was Dream On by Aerosmith, just like the song, our scenting oil is meant to have you in a serene, heavenly mood when you use our diffuser. Perfect song choice, right? Another one of our favorite song/scent combos is My Way by Frank Sinatra. My Way is an exquisite blend of sandalwood and smooth Tuscan leather that creates the most sophisticated and timeless fragrance ever, as well as an aromatic ambience. When you play the song you will feel such a nostalgic feel,  and just like the song it is a true classic. (Fun fact: is Frank Sinatra is our CEO's favorite artist of all time.)

Our Spotify playlist

With this in mind, we thought it could be fun to put together a “Spotify Top 10 Inspired Scent Playlist” highlighting our best performing scents from our extensive library. While naming scents, we put a great deal of time and effort to make sure the scents fit the song and vice versa. We wanted to match the scent notes to the musical notes as well, we believe that scenting and music both have a strong bond together and what to give our customers the best scenting experience possible. Plus, it is easy for our customers to remember their favorite scent by the name of the songs. We do plan on creating more Spotify playlists by each of our scent collection so you can play and scent whenever you are in the mood. Stay tune to our Spotify profile for when we come out with more Aroma360 inspired playlists! 

Aroma360 Top 10 Scents as a song

1. My Way by Frank Sinatra
2. Dream On by Aerosmith
3. Chandelier by Sia
4. 24K Magic by Bruno Mars
5. Escapade by Janet Jackson
6. California Love by 2Pac, Roger, Dr. Dre
7. Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
8. Mystify by INXS
9. Allure by Jay-Z
10. Stargazing by The Neighborhood

Also, check out our Top 10 Inspired Scent Playlist and jam with us as you scent your favorite scenting oil whether it is at your business, at home, or in your car. Happy scenting!