Healthy Scenting: Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Oils

Healthy Scenting: Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Oils

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All scents are not created equal. At Aroma360®, we’re committed to offering healthy scenting solutions; relying on years of Aromachology research and application to develop our scent portfolio.

With more and more scenting companies using synthetic cartridges and plug-ins in their products, Aroma360® takes pride in using only the highest quality essential oil in our blends.

What’s the difference? Synthetic fragrances are made up of chemicals and only attempt to replicate the smell of a specific plant. Essential oils, on the other hand, are the ultra-concentrated essence of that plant. The oil is extracted through the vital essence of the seed, flowers, sap, stem or fruit of a plant; as well as the leaves, resin or root of a tree – making them one of the most natural ways to keep your space scented.

Besides the obvious advantage of fresh and inviting scents, essential oils also yield a variety of benefits. Depending on your needs, certain oils are known to improve mood, lower stress levels and promote deep sleep and relaxation!

Happy (and healthy) scenting!