Spa Scenting: Rejuvenate the Senses

Spas are the perfect space to create an idyllic atmosphere through scent diffusion.  Evoke feelings of tranquility and serenity from the moment your clients’ step through your doors by introducing the perfect scent, diffused through every inch of your facility with one of our HVAC scenting systems.

Choosing the right scent for a spa is crucial for successful olfactory branding.  A Signature Scent is a perfect addition to any spa to enhance the treatment experience. Because scent plays such an important role in the formation of memories, creating the right atmosphere will allow clients to recall their spa experience with greater clarity and make them more likely to return for additional services. 

Spa Industry Scenting Systems

Plush white robes and fruit infused refreshments are some of the amenities spa visitors have grown to know and expect. Yet there is another, often under looked, element, that is essential to the spa experience — scent. Infusing a calming aroma through a spa creates a powerful first impression and sets the tone for a truly satisfying experience.

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Our team creates scenting systems for worldclass spas, from national chains to award-winning boutique locations.Speak to a scent consultant today to learn more about scenting your spa with our luxury scent oils.

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Discover Aroma360®

Spas present the perfect opportunity to customize individual scenting treatments based on a client’s needs at the time of service. Beyond creating the ideal atmosphere, spas are now incorporating customized aromatherapy sessions into services offered.

Discover how Aroma360® can leave a lasting impression of relaxation and rejuvenation on your clientele.

"As the owner of upscale barbershop, it's key to have just the right fragrance, Aroma360® helped me achieve just that.  Their scent specialist assisted 

me to come up with a customized fragrance for my brand.  Nothing but compliments, from guests, all day long on how good it smells.  I would absolutely recommend Aroma360® to any business to gain an edge."

Daniela Marroquin

Owner | Garrett Michael Barbershop