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Influence Customer Behavior Through

Scent Marketing

Aroma360® builds scent marketing strategies that enhance purchasing behavior, build brands, and generate profits. Speak to a dedicated scent consultant to learn more.

When you can influence emotional responses to a space or product, you can influence buying decisions.

Learn How We Can Help Your Brand Build A Scent Marketing Strategy.

From scent consulting to installation and maintenance, Aroma360® can help you launch a world class scent marketing campaign.

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What is Scent Marketing?

Our sense of smell is processed by the limbic system, on the same side of the brain where emotions and memories are stored. This is why smells trigger subconscious emotional responses.

Businesses like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks know this and use it to their advantage— allowing them to dictate brand loyalty and higher profits.

Aroma360® is dedicated to growing brands in retail, hospitality, fitness, and medicine through the art of scent. Together, we help drive consumer behavior and make lasting impacts on brand perception.

Increase Customer Engagement by


with a brand message that incorporates 3 senses: sight, sound and scent.1

Scenting Studies Have Shown A


sales increase in certain products after employing a scent marketing strategy2


Nike Store

A study done by Nike discovered that they could increase the intent to purchase by 84% through the introduction of scent into their stores.