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Top Reasons For Why You Should Scent Your Casino

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Targeting consumers’ sense of smell is something long associated with industries such as airlines, luxury spas, and hotels. But casinos? Can bespoke scenting genuinely be a concept that brings significant advantages?

In a word—yes!

The following are 5 all-important reasons why the use of a commercial scent machine to gently permeate the casino environment has multiple positive effects keeping your customers happily spinning the wheel and feeding the slots for hours of mutually beneficial enjoyment.

1. First Impressions Count

    As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Although a myriad of studies differ on exactly how long, ranging from less than a second through to nearly half a minute, whatever it is, it’s a very short space of time. That’s why the virtually instant effect of smell on the human subconscious is very powerful.

    The careful choice of aroma has been proven to influence the behaviors of those in the vicinity, because fragrance links directly to the emotional center of the brain. These behaviors include the will to linger longer, elevate mood, and increase feelings of comfort and relaxation—all very important factors when it comes to how customers perceive your establishment.

    2. Create Brand Loyalty

    Scent branding is the use of a particular aroma to link the fragrance with your brand. It’s a marketing ploy successfully utilized within many industries, with global players such as Nike and Abercrombie and Fitch as prime examples.

    3. Soothes The Senses

      Rollin’ the dice is, of course, a tense time. Fragrances such as lavender and rosemary can have a profound effect on soothing high-octane actions, and this in turn, helps calm the nerves of the players and allows them to keep a cool head.

      4. Increases Casino Revenue

      Multiple studies have been carried out into the use of scent within a casino. One of the most thought-provoking is that published in the book “Mental Dominance” (Ha-Ha Lung & Christopher Prowant) that discusses a study at the Las Vegas Hilton, whereby the use of floral scents increased the time players spent at the tables by 50%.

      This could be explained by the fact that carefully curated aromas create desire, specifically those linked with the thrill of the game and the need to revisit the cause of such a powerful emotion, time and time again.

      5.Increase Visit Time

      Scents that invigorate will help the stamina of your customers, many of whom typically spend many hours under the bright casino lights. Such fragrances can influence extended playing times, as well as helping gamblers remain alert and enjoy their experience.

      The decision of the particular fragrance used to successfully scent a casino is one that deserves expert consideration. Bespoke fragrance and scent marketing company, Aroma360, works with businesses to determine the exact combination of ingredients to produce the most benefits. Their expert scent consultants take into account aspects such as location, target market, desired customer experience, and more.

      By using the latest in technologically advanced scent machines the ambiance within a casino can be easily transformed, benefiting customers and staff, not to mention encouraging desired behaviors that increase those vital baseline profits. In a world where the fate of your customers lies in the turn of a card, embracing the power of scent marketing really can stack the odds in your favor.