The scent of Honda

The scent of Honda

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Honda is one of our newest clients and we are happy to welcome the Aroma360 family. They chose ESCAPADE to be their signature scent which is a fresh oceanic scent with a hint of fragrant jasmine and enticing black pepper

To pay homage to this iconic brand, here are some fun facts about Honda.

  • The Honda Prelude was the world’s first four-wheel drive car.
  • The company builds over 14 million combustion engines every year and is the largest manufacturer in the world.
  • The Civic Hybrid debuted in 2003 and was the first non-plug vehicle in its class. The batteries of these vehicles are structured to last as long as the life of the car.
  • It was the first Japanese car manufacturer to launch the dedicated luxury brand in 1986- named Acura.

Goooo Honda!