The Famous Scent of White Tea

The Famous Scent of White Tea

The Ultimate Spa Scent 

Have you ever been to the spa and instantly become more at peace or relaxed? As you inhale the soothing, clean and woody aroma you may not realize that you are smelling the luxurious scent of White Tea. The properties of this alluring fragrance promotes a Zen ambience, which allows you to be calmer and more tranquil with its mood enhancing notes. It has been greatly used in spas and hotels as well as in the practice of aromatherapy. The scent has also been called “The Resort Scent” due to its frequent use in resorts but don’t just limit this amazing scent to there, it’s great for home scenting as well!

White Tea Origins  

White Tea was discovered in the northern regions of China during the imperial dynasties, with the plant first being found in China’s Fujian province, producing beautiful and large tea buds. During this era, white tea was high in demand in the tea culture, derived from the substance that coats the leaves and buds from a plant called the camellia sinensis. This plant is only harvested for a few weeks each spring when there isn't much rain or humidity. Sources believe that the white tea contains more health benefits than other popular teas such green tea and black tea. It was also sought for its perfume scent referred to as “Perfume in a Cup” for its beautiful, floral fragrance. There are many varieties of white tea due to the difficulty of transporting the plant without it spoiling and it only being available in its main growing regions, other countries would cultivate their own version of the plant for other tea plants to experience the rare and elegant tea. 

White Tea & Aromatherapy 

White Tea releases a pleasant and refreshing scent, often used in the practice of aromatherapy due to its abilities to promote wellness and relieve stress as well as anxiety. The scenting properties allows you to enter a rejuvenating or meditative state when diffused with a scent oil diffuser, cancelling out any stress. Through this the scent molecules it alerts the limbic system (the core of emotions and feelings ) which will release glands that with increase your mood. White tea can be combined with other fragrances, featured as the top note in the scenting oil. Some of the best paired notes for the white tea are jasmine, bergamot, lemon, sandalwood, and patchouli. Whenever you feel the need to decompress, we recommend diffusing with a few of our scenting oils that does carries the White Tea note such as:  

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