The battle between Cold Air Diffuser vs. Ultrasonic Diffuser

The battle between Cold Air Diffuser vs. Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Scenting Technology  

Scenting is a therapeutic way to boost your mood and emotions, studies have shown that fragrance oils are proven to reduce stress and increase attentiveness. Finding what scenting oils and diffusers to choose from is the most crucial decision to make when it comes to scenting your space and ensure the best aromatic experience possible. There are many ways to introduce scenting into your home or business, with the advanced scenting technology today consumers can shop between the Cold-Air Diffusers or Ultrasonic Diffusers. Both diffusers are an amazing way to elevate the fragrance of your home or workplace while reaping the health properties all-in-one but we definitely recommend scenting with our Cold Air Diffuser. Here is the difference between the two:   

Our first contender for diffusion is...  

You guessed it, Cold Air Diffusers! Cold Air Diffusers are the healthiest and safest way to disperse scent. It is also the only way scent is evenly and consistently distributed over large spaces for a prolonged period of time. For example, our Museum360 XL scents up to 3,000 square feet utilizing safe Cold Air Diffusion technology. Most cold-air diffusers circulate air through an atomizer technology to release the fragrance oils into a dry mist, keeping the therapeutic properties of the oils intact, without requiring water or heat, so you never have to worry about frequently changing out water. With a cold-air diffuser, you can receive full use of the fragrance oil without having to dilute the properties, which means more scenting to go around.  

Spoiler Alert! Ultrasonic Diffusers just can’t compete  

Our second contender is Ultrasonic Diffusers, these diffusers have been around for decades. Ultrasonic diffusers use subtle vibrations to break apart the essential oil mixed into water, which dilutes the concentrated oils. Throughout this process the oils rapidly evaporate through minuscule vibrations, dispersing a cool mist into the air, this is a disadvantage to getting the full benefits of the essential oil due to being diluted. Most Ultrasonic diffusers are compact in size, limiting them to scenting large spaces with their inadequate technology. This lacks the usage of you ever getting good scent coverage with an Ultrasonic Diffuser as well as depending on changing the water tank every few days to prevent unclean air being distributed.    

The Takeaway   

To sum it all up, Cold Air Diffusers are the best way to scent your home and control the air quality based on your desire all while staying water-free and heat-free. Want results? Maximize your guests’ olfactory experience by enhancing concentrated fragrances throughout any space with our Aroma360 diffusers. For more information on our assortment of diffusers or Cold Air Diffusion technology, click HERE.