Scents to use for your business

Scents to use for your business

Scents for Hotels

Most customers are likely to remember how they feel during their stay and what they recall about their visit long after their departure. These are the two most defining parts of a hotel experience, incorporating scent can enhance their experience times 10 from the time they walk into your lobby, or even before they see the décor or artwork, and it stays with them long after they leave.

Using scent marketing in your hotels has many other benefits such as improving brand image, leaving a memorable impression, and building a high perception value. It is also an innovative way to set your brand apart from other competitors in the industry, creating a luxurious experience.

Sandalwood, cedar, leather, citrus lemon flower, neroli, vanilla, and white tea are all wonderful scents in hotels. You can incorporate unique scents into your hotel ambiance with notes such as lavender, lemongrass, white tea, jasmine, lily, and others. We recommend scenting with one of our top-selling fragrance Dream On, inspired by Westin Hotels.

Scents for Gyms

Scent marketing is a great tool that substantially assists fitness clubs in improving their customer experience. Foul odors can distract from the atmosphere that fitness clubs strive to achieve. Pleasant air allows customizing the appearance and feel of the place that nothing else can.

Today's gyms are more than simply a place to get fit, strong, and healthy but have become a lifestyle and a home away from home for many members, nurturing confidence, happiness, and wellness. Hence, scented gyms can play a vital role in encouraging people toward a better and healthier lifestyle. For this reason, herbs and citruses influence the mind, which can boost productivity and stimulate a person's energy to have a successful workout.

Ideally, gyms and fitness facilities offer yoga lessons and aromatherapy for releasing stress and inducing relaxation. Lavender, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, sage, juniper, and rosemary are very beneficial in this context. We recommend scenting with our Across The Universe fragrance, inspired by The Equinox Hotel.

Scents for Spas

Spas are ideal for creating a relaxing ambiance through aroma dispersal. Introducing the appropriate aroma to elicit sentiments of peace and tranquility in customers from the moment they walk through your doors is highly encouraged.

Since fragrance plays a significant part in memory formation, providing the correct ambiance will help clients recall their spa experience with better clarity and increase their likelihood of returning for further services.

The most popular scents to be used in spas are lavender, citrus, rosemary, bergamot, lemon, orange, and eucalyptus. Those offering aromatherapy widely use essential oils for their soothing characteristics for a pleasant relaxation and stress management experience. We recommend scenting with our recently added fragrance The Bliss, inspired by Bliss Spas.