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Scenting In Bookstores: Why Strategic Aromas Create More Sales


The decline of book sales is a subject that’s been over-lamented ever since the inception of tablets and e-publishing. While some adore the convenience of carrying multiple books on a single device, history has proven that there’s a large proportion of the population who still prefers the physical contact of holding a book, turning the pages, and creating an intimate relationship with the words between the covers.

But there’s no denying that book shops have struggled with the virtual competition, not to mention the ease of 1-click ordering from a certain online sales portal that’ll expedite a book to your door by the time you get home from work.

However, struggling book stores need not resign themselves to the scrap heap quite yet. Indeed, there’s increasing evidence that there’s a very simple method by which to encourage customers to linger awhile, and perhaps spend a little more on their purchases.

Aroma, And A Subtle Nudge To Buy

A carefully crafted aroma can influence consumers lingering and buying habits. There are numerous studies that show strong evidence that when people are permeated by a pleasant aroma in a retail store, they linger longer and ultimately are more likely to purchase. The key to persuading a customer to purchase a book is getting them to stay that little bit longer, read a little bit more, and realize they’ve found a story that hits the spot. Accomplish this and voila! Money exchanges hands.

Taking Heed Of The Power Of Scenting

The power of scenting a business space isn’t something new, with various big names having spent much time and resources discovering the power aroma has on customer behavior. From giant retailers such as Nike and Abercrombie & Fitch, it’s already a well-understood marketing ploy, and one that smaller, independent retailers in all niches would do well to take heed of.

Scent marketing company, Aroma360, provides a wide variety of scents that are proven to create an atmosphere conducive to customer browsing and increased purchasing intent. Fragrancing a bookstore or any retail space can be easily done with a commercial scent machine that works via an existing HVAC system. For those who want to embrace the ultimate in the proven field of scent marketing, the company’s talented aromachologists create bespoke scent options depending on the target market, demographics, and other individual nuances that are proven to increase revenue.

When it comes to book sales, one of the simple joys of a new read is the almost imperceptible aroma of fresh paper, ink, and the wonderful feel of turning those virgin pages. When you take these multi-sensory aspects into account, it makes perfect sense that permeating the book store environment with a crafted scent could be the added touch needed to turn customers away from the sterility of an online purchase, and once again encourage them to browse in-store.