Topping the Country’s Scent Marketing Companies-Aroma360 HVAC Scenting Systems

Topping the Country’s Scent Marketing Companies

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Decades ago, signature scents were mainly used in hotels, spas, and other establishments in the hospitality business. Today however, scent marketing is a multimillion-dollar industry with more and more brands realizing the power of scents in building a brand. Among the top scent marketing companies helping businesses create their signature scents is Aroma360.

Aroma360 is the leading manufacturer of cold-air diffusion technology systems for both residential and commercial use. Aside from this innovative technology that ensures the consistent and lasting diffusion of fragrances, we are also set apart from other companies by our use of only the finest high-quality essential oils in formulating our proprietary oil blends.

When crafting a scent marketing strategy for your own business, you can choose from various Aroma360 scents in our well-curated scent library or have one specifically formulated for your own brand. In creating your signature scent, we consider your company history, the demographics of your target market, the image you want to project, and other factors unique to your business. We work hand in hand with you to create a unique scent that best represents your brand—but why, you may ask, would you need a signature scent?

It may seem trivial, but a signature scent that embodies your brand identity significantly impacts consumer behavior and helps build brand loyalty. Even global brands like Nike employ scent marketing to maintain an ambient scent that entices customers to linger at their stores and make purchases. Other companies that use scent marketing include Samsung, which uses a crisp gender-neutral scent dubbed Intimate Blue, and Abercrombie & Fitch, which has a powerful scent Ellwood that targets young consumers. Even popular coffee chains use diffusers to maintain that freshly brewed coffee scent all the time.

Nearly all industries benefit from scent marketing. If you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to employ a scent marketing strategy that helps you increase brand recognition and enhance the customer experience. Let Aroma360 be your partner in building your brand.

Our scenting solutions include an array of scent diffusers and an extensive scent library. Our scent diffusers also come in varying sizes suitable for any area. To diffuse a scent evenly throughout an office building or an entire shop, our Museum360 and VanGogh360 diffusers can be installed in your HVAC systems. Since we only use cold air diffusion technology which turns oils into dry mist nano particles, there is no oil residue to worry about. For smaller areas, you can use the DaVinci360 or the Mini360. To ensure lasting fragrance, use any of our proprietary oil blends in our vast scent library.

Draw in customers, enhance shopping experience, and build brand loyalty with the power of scent. As one of the leading scent marketing companies in the country today, Aroma360 can show you just how.

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