NEW Product Spotlight: The Interactive Scenting Kiosk

NEW Product Spotlight: The Interactive Scenting Kiosk

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We’re excited to announce an all-new, innovative scenting solution: the Interactive Scenting Kiosk also known as the ISK. As the leader in Scent Marketing and Scent Branding, we’re committed to delivering homes and businesses with powerful scenting solutions designed to completely transform any space into a welcoming, aromatic oasis.

A powerful branding tool

The ISK is a versatile device with the capability to supplement your business’s marketing or operations strategy. Our scenting kiosk supports multiple media formats—including audio and video! Create branded image carousels, rolling subtitles, and so much more.

Stunning 43” LCD display

Accelerate your marketing reach with a whole new platform for customer interactions. This scent diffuser allows consumers to watch videos or checkout for products while experiencing the art of scent. Be creative! Equip your ISK with functionality that allows for appointment scheduling, previewing product lines, or even signing up for studio classes.

Dual scent atomizers

Two spray caps at the two of the ISK allow for the release of two scents simultaneously. Each kiosk has capacity for two 500 mL diffuser oils, browse through our scent library for fragrance that are inspired by hotels and resorts around the world. 

4,000 sq ft of scent coverage

Transform any space with our programmable commercial scenting equipment. Cold-Air Diffusion technology transforms the fragrance oil into very fine, dry nanoparticles for more consistent coverage.

Built-in speakers

Whether you want to test campaign messaging, announce promotions, or highlight a new lineup of products, share it all with surround sound. Each ISK is equipped with speakers on either side of the device’s aluminum frame.

Mobile application

Get precise control of scent diffusion with the the ISK mobile application.  Each WiFi-enabled kiosk is Android compatible, allowing users to download apps to add new functionalities such as in-browser checkout.

Shop now and be one of the first to order the ISK online here at Aroma360!