Introducing our New Summer Scent Collection

Introducing our New Summer Scent Collection

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Our Summer Scent Collection has Finally Launched!

We are super excited to announce that our Summer Scent Collection is finally here! In honor of the warmer sunny days approaching and hopefully cooler nights, we present our four new scents comprised of light, crisp, and fresh notes. Just like how we switch out our wardrobe in the summer, why not switch out your scents? Not only is our new collection perfect for the hot & clear sky days coming our way but each scent is inspired by a summer themed song that will eluded a captivating feeling of calmness and blissfulness when dispersed, while creating new memories! Here is a more depth understanding of each of our new scents and a fun fact about the song that they are inspired by:  

Summer Scent Collection 

  • Watermelon Sugar - With the juicy notes of watermelon leading this scent, enhanced with orchard apples, sun kissed lemon zest and golden amber, it will literally have you feeling like you are beachside with watermelons near by. The scent will awaken a reminiscent nostalgia feeling of the endless summer days and ready to experience it all over again.

Fun Fact: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles holds the record for the song with the most weeks in the top 40; a total of 87 weeks on the chart! 

  •  Waterfalls - Your tropical destination awaits! Fresh ocean air mingled with clear blue waters and juicy tropical fruits are the main notes of composed in this lovely scent. When diffused, the only thing missing will be the sunscreen and the actual waterfall!   

Fun Fact: Waterfalls by TLC was the #2 song of the year in 1995 and charted MTV’s Video Monitor chart for over a month, being the first to ever chart for that long. It was credited that the rap verse contributed by Left Eye was one her best verse.  

  • Pink Sands - A scent that captivates blend of sun-drenched bergamot, fresh tropical coconut and white ginger lily, will be something you have never experienced before. Finished with warm vanilla and cashmere, Pink Sands is the exotic destination of our dreams.   

Fun Fact: Callin Russo is both the writer and the singer of the song Pink Sands. It hit the charts in 2018 and is about the intensity of being in love, oh how summer loves can be so exciting! 

Do you know the reason why the sand can be pink on some beaches? The pink hue of the sand is due to a microscopic coral organisms that has a reddish-pink shell, when mixed in the sand, it produces a pink color!  Super cool, right? You can find pink sands at beaches like Harbour Island, located in the Bahamas (ideal for a summer vacation). 

  • Escape - This aromatic scent will make you want to get away and escape to a mystical island as your next summer vacation! The notes of citrus, coconut water and jasmine all collide together creating a golden nuances of aroma, so don’t forget to grab your Piña Colada drink when you diffuse this scent.  

    Fun Fact: The song that inspired this scent is not often thought of as the title, “Escape” but as The Piña Colada song! Escape went on to become a “One hit wonder” for Rupert Holmes and was released in 1979.   

    Summer fun with Aroma360 

    Here’s to the most unforgettable summer yet! We have curated a new Summer 2022 playlist on Spotify with songs inspired by our new summer scents and some of our other summer inspired scents. We hope that you love this playlist just as much we were excited to make it, may this summer be filled with amazing tropical scents and endless exciting memories when you diffuse while playing our playlist. You can also experience all four of the new scents in the Summer Collection Discovery Set, with our current scent Summer Breeze. Bring home paradise this summer and scent away!