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How to Use a Reed Diffuser

Without the use of heat or flame, you can enhance the smell of any room in your home using reed diffusers. Compared to candles, they are a much safer scenting solution, especially when you have pets or young children running around the house.


How to Use a Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser can be used for various scenting needs. To add fragrance to your place, you’ll simply have to insert reeds into a bottle of essential oils. The reeds soak up the oil, dispersing the pleasant aromas into the air. In businesses, the best place to put your reed diffuser would be in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms.


Most reed diffusers come with bottled essential oils. If that is what you’re getting, you’ll only have to do a few steps to ensure that the scent is being dispersed.


First, you need to insert the reeds in the bottle. Next, you should flip the reeds, placing the dry end into the bottle and the saturated end in the air. Once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is wait for the fragrance to fill the room.


How to Make a Reed Diffuser Smell Stronger

The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent will be. Hence, you may want to use a lot of reeds for larger rooms. But in small, confined spaces, you should stick to using only a few as the scent can be too overwhelming.


If your reed diffuser is no longer emitting any fragrance, you can simply flip the reeds over. It should help with the diffusion process. However, don’t constantly flip your reeds because the more you do it, the faster your oils will disperse. More importantly, make sure to flip the reeds over the sink or towels to prevent the oil from getting all over your countertops. Wipe the bottle as well as the surfaces before placing it back down. You may also try giving your bottle of essential oils a little swirl. It should help strengthen the aromas in the oil.


How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last?

Reed diffusers can last for months. However, it depends on several environmental factors – air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and heating to name a few.


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