Secrets For A Great Smelling Home-Aroma360 HVAC Scenting Systems

Secrets For A Great Smelling Home

Household odors are a fact of life—but putting up with them certainly isn’t. The best homes imbue a beautiful aroma all the time, and if you’ve ever wondered how this is achieved then it’s time to reveal the secret weapon. Leading scenting company, Aroma360, explains the key facts on how to get rid of unwanted smells, ensuring your house is the fragrant nirvana that’ll have others begging to know how you manage it…

Root Causes of Unwanted Household Odors

Common Culprits 

Did you know that the number one cause of undesirable odors is caused by moisture? Humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so if you have any areas that you know to be damp then they need addressing. Those who live in humid climates need to take steps to ensure there are no places where moisture can get trapped.

Other common sources of bad smells include: 

  • Pets, litter trays, and their bedding
  • Trash cans, food waste, and spills
  • Sink disposal units
  • Refrigerators
  • Diaper bins
  • Soft furnishings
  • Carpets
  • Cooking smells 

Initial Steps To Remove Bad Smells

Starting with the most obvious, open the windows! Adequate ventilation allows odors out and freshness in. If you live with high humidity or have damp areas of the house use moisture absorbing crystals or consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

Wash pet bedding regularly, use deodorizing litter in cat trays, and clean high-odor areas such as refrigerators, trash cans, and the like frequently. Steam clean upholstery and carpets annually, and regularly launder soft furnishings.


Introduce the Desired Fragrance

Scenting Options

Once you’ve targeted and removed the source of unwanted odors, it’s time to introduce the desired aroma. Not only does this make for a wonderful environment in which to live, it also adds that “wow” factor when welcoming anyone into your home.

There are various options for this, but Aroma360 recommends avoiding “cover-up” methods such as plugins, or poor-quality candles. Not only are these short-lived, but they also add a chemical odor to the air that’s often far from pleasant. 

Discerning choices include reed diffusers in combination with the highest-grade essential oils, candles containing the same, or the most effective option — a Cold-Air Scent Diffuser.


The HVAC Scent Diffuser: The Ultimate in Gorgeous Home Scenting

By far the easiest way to ensure a gorgeous aroma within your home is to use a home scent diffuser. These are designed to diffuse the chosen aroma of essential oils throughout your space, ensuring a regular, uniform scent thanks to a revolutionary process known as “Cold Air Diffusion”.

Depending on the area to be scented this can either be achieved by a stand-alone unit or one that works through your existing HVAC system.

Scent Solutions from Aroma360

Elegant homeowners know that the final frontier of their home décor is that of fragrance, and scent diffusers are by far the most efficient, simple, and cost-effective manner by which to accomplish this.

Aroma360 is a global leader in this field, with options to suffuse beautiful aromas in areas from a single room through to an extensive estate. Discover how your home can benefit from their scenting solutions at