Highlighting the Powerful Scent of Citrus

Highlighting the Powerful Scent of Citrus

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Citrus, the note like no other  

The citrus notes wear many different hats in the scenting industry as a fragrance, it has been used in a lot of essential oils, cleaning products, and perfumes. The depth and complexity of the fragrance have many variations that contribute to its powerful crisp and clean scent, with a wide range of different olfactory notes. The fragrance is characterized by its zesty and fresh notes that are primarily best for the spring and summer seasons. The obvious fruits known in most scents are sweet orange as well as bergamot, lemons, and grapefruit. You can instantly smell the vibrant and enchanting blend of the citrus scent as a top note when you diffuse.   

The Citrus olfactory family  

Citrus is representative of a uniquely large family of highly volatile scents. The very first appearance of the citrus fragrance was as early as 1370, with a perfume called “Queen of Hungary Waters.” It was first created for Queen Elizabeth I of Hungary and is believed to have contained notes of rosemary, sage, cedar, and bergamot. What is interesting about this fragrance was that it was the first alcohol-based perfume in all of Europe and is considered the first modern perfume ever produced. Bergamot is known to be a perfumer’s favorite note and is commonly used in the citrus family, being a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange. Most citrus notes are paired with spicy, woody, and floral notes. Some other main distinctive fruits used are clementine, yuzu, citron, and verbena, that are all dynamic notes.   

Fun Fact: The oldest perfume is still in production, which dates back to 1533 and is called “Acqua di Colonia,” with its main note being citrus.   

What is so great about Citrus? 

Besides being the vibrant top note, the citrus note illuminates any scent and brings out its freshness. Scenting with citrus has a highly beneficial effect on our minds and other health benefits such as supporting your immune system. It is proven to reduce stress, while uplifting and boosting your energy levels. The invigorating scent is versatile and effective, being the most popular scent in the use of aromatherapy. It is the perfect scent to diffuse in the morning to kick start your day, plus it leaves your home or business feeling fresh and clean. Diffuse a bottle of our scenting oils that has a burst of citrus this summer and feel the sunshine from inside out while staying cool using our HVAC scent diffusers to scent!    

Here is a few of our scents that carries the citrus fruits in their top notes: