Happy Father's Day to All the Amazing Dads!

Happy Father's Day to All the Amazing Dads!

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In appreciation to every Dad out there

With Father’s Day just around the corner this Sunday, why not take this perfect chance to honor all the dads, father figures, grandpas, uncles, big brothers, and fur dads in our lives to let them know just how much they mean to us. Celebrated worldwide, Father’s Day was first introduced in the US in June of 1910 on the third Sunday. Fast forward 100+ years, and it is recognized across the globe as a special day to honor the influence of fathers in our society and their role in fatherhood. Dads deserve love and appreciation, too!   

Get Dad what he wants  

Aroma360 would like to recognize all the amazing dad’s out there, so in honor of them, we put together a “Dad’s gift list!” This list is curated with all the products that we know Dads will know so you don’t have to worry about what to get him.  

Dad’s Gift List  

  • HVAC Cold Air Diffuser. We all know dad loves getting new gadgets, so why not give dad the gift of an HVAC Diffuser this Father’s Day (the VanGogh360 covers spaces up to 1800 square ft, while the Museum360 XL covers spaces up to 6,000 square ft.)   
  • Hourglass Diffuser. As beautiful as it is functional. Take dad’s design game to the next level this Father’s Day with our newest innovation on luxury décor. With every turn of the hourglass, this diffuser subtly emanates the scent of his choice as it gently trickles through the vessel.  
  • Smart Car Diffuser. Dads love their cars and love to take drives. Elevate his driving experience as he takes his favorite scents on the road with him. Our Smart Car Diffuser enhances any journey with its sleek and modern look, providing both visual and aromatic pleasure.   
  • Scenting Oils. We all know how Dads love anything with sandalwood, amber or musk as notes. Here are a few that he will appreciate when he diffuses: Nirvana, Across The Universe, Blue Moon, Smooth Operator, and many more!   

We hope this list can help relieve any stress on what to get fathers this weekend, we even have Gift Cards if you still are a little uncertain about the gift you would want to get him. Just remember it is the thought that counts while creating more memories. Happy Father’s Day from the Aroma360 Family!