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Cold Air Diffusers: Everything You Need To Know

Aromatherapy and scenting are at their peak right now, and with so much attention comes a myriad of innovative products. We've known about the usual suspects for years; candles, incense sticks, and essential oil humidifiers to name a few, but when it comes to cold air diffusers, the latest in scenting technology, there are some questions to be asked.

Cold air diffusers have proven themselves to be effective in spacious environments and are commonplace in hotels and business settings.  With their popularity growing, many people are now bringing this level of scenting into their homes. Let's jump into why this might be and educate ourselves on cold air diffusers.

What Is A Cold Air Diffuser & How Does It Work

A cold air diffuser is a device that disperses an aroma into the air through cold-air diffusion. This means the diffuser actively filters cold air from your space and then diffuses the oils into the air as an ultra-dry mist. Dispersing scent with cold air is the safest and cleanest way to fill a room with an aroma. The reason behind this is that cold air does not dilute the scented oils, disperse other unneeded substances into the air, or leave a residue.

How Cold Air Diffusers Differ From Other Diffusers

What makes cold air diffusers different than other diffusers is that they don’t use water, alcohol, solvent, or heat to disperse the scent as other diffusers do.  Most other diffusers work by heating the essential oils and adding water to assist in the evaporation process.  Essential oils are very delicate and volatile.  Heating them destroys their therapeutic benefits.  Furthermore, scents that are diffused through methods that involve heat do not disperse well in large areas and are not long lasting.  The only true way to have overall scent coverage that is even and lasts is by using a diffuser that works with cold air diffusion technology.   


The Overall Impact Of Cold Air Diffusers

Cold Air diffusers are capable of scenting entire homes and businesses. They are able to offer more longevity and provide the full scent of the oils. Many people are beginning to switch to cold air diffusers because of this. For too long, other methods of scenting have been diluting the oils with water or alcohol and leaving the end user, with a substandard scenting experience.   Cold air diffusion technology offers an overall superior, immersive scenting experience.   


Aroma360 is a leader in scenting and all of our diffusers utilize cold air diffusion technology.  We have assisted many homeowners and businesses with scenting their space effectively with both our perfume grade oil and cutting edge diffusers.  We offer diffusers to fit every size indoor space, from single rooms to entire buildings.  

As an industry leader, Aroma360 offers an array of cold air diffusers to fit any size space.  Our diffusers are completely programable, and allow the user to change the intensity of scent.   

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