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Best Way To Make Your Home Smell Good Besides Using Candles


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For generations, candles have helped us decorate our homes, see in the darkness when the power goes out, and of course, create endearing scents for visitors and ourselves alike. But, alas, this is no longer the only solution to scenting your space. New waves of scent innovations have become available over the years, allowing you to try out alternative ways to scent your space. Here are a few of the aroma solutions many people have been using:


A plugin is great at dispersing a fragrance into your space. It plugs into an outlet, where the oil is then warmed and dispersed into the air. Plugins have a strong lasting smell that can fill up a room and it can last for a couple of days, or until the oil fully evaporates. You will want to make sure the plugin is removed from the outlet or refilled as you don’t want it to stay in the outlet for too long once it is empty.


A burning stick of incense is still a popular method of scenting a space but does pose the possibility of creating a smokey room. As long as your smoke detector isn’t super sensitive, incense can be a great way to introduce a hefty dose of nice smells for aromatherapy. With literally thousands of different incense aromas to select from, you can have fun experimenting with the perfect combination of scents for your home.

Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser is a step up from incense when it comes to scenting your space, as it leaves no smoke behind. It soaks up the scented oil and then disperses the aroma into the air. Reed diffusers last until all the scented oil evaporates. Whether kept in a bathroom or an entryway to your office, a reed diffuser will keep these areas smelling fresh and add a stylish touch to any surface.

Scent Diffuser

As we begin to bring more of our favorite spa scents into our living room, the scent diffuser is not one to leave behind. Used in aromatherapy massage rooms for years, scent diffusers are becoming increasing popular, due to them having the capability to scent a whole home. They're very efficient, relatively quiet, and they can be left unattended. That means you can achieve the perfect level of home scenting even while you're at work.

All in all, there are a ton of awesome ways to make your home smell incredible without always relying on a candle. Achieving a long-lasting scent is now easier than ever before, so don't be afraid to test out which method works best for scenting your environment. While candles are beautiful to look at, you can’t leave them unattended for very long or come home from a long day and get that scent right when you walk in the door. With reed diffusers and scent diffusers, you can leave them unattended and always come home to your favorite scent.