Benefits of Aromatherapy Showers

Benefits of Aromatherapy Showers

Craving a spa day lately? There’s nothing better than planning a full day of pampering yourself to feel rejuvenated. This is the perfect time to cater an aromatherapy shower is to relieve any mental stress and help unwind from juggling work, family, and day-to-day responsibilities. Check out the benefits of aromatherapy showers at home for ultimate relaxation, especially when it is hard to fit in dedicated time for yourself or making time to go your favorite spa.

Immunity booster

When fighting any illnesses or sinuses, we suggest utilizing the shower steam with aromatherapy, which helps with breaking up any congestion to make it easier to breathe. Fragrances such as lemon, cloves, and ginger, are notable scents that can be used to boost your immune system, which you can find in the following oils:

Ease and relieve pain 

There can be varies factors that can cause pain and stress to our bodies, aromatherapy showers offers a time for your body to relieve any aches that you may be experiencing oppose to taking medication. You can use soothing scents that includes sandalwood, ylang-ylang and eucalyptus to provide relief.

Promote deeper sleep

With the combined benefits of essential oils and steam, you can prepare your body for a restful night’s sleep after a long day. Lavender, frankincense, and vetiver are notable scents for sleep and relaxation that works as an anxiety reliever to calm your mind and relax your body before bed.

Create an aromatic escape with Aroma360 scents

Enjoy your own at-home spa with adding an oil diffuser to your bathroom. We recommend diffusing at least 5 to 10 minutes before your shower and adjust your scenting density to your liking. Shop our various options of scenting diffuser and browse our scenting library to try a new scent, also add a touch of serenity with our candles and reed diffusers to elevate any self-care routine.