Aroma360 Miami Showroom

Aroma360 Miami Showroom

Welcome to Miami, a city known for its abundance of sun, nightlife, music, and most of all luxury scenting! Located in the famed Wynwood Arts District, The Aroma360 showroom was designed with the guest in mind; to provide an interactive fragrance experience for all who walk through our doors. Don’t just take my word for it, come and see where all the magic is created in Miami’s best-scented location.

The Beauty of our Showroom 

Once you enter our showroom, the aromatic scents instantly hits you with the array of reed diffusers dispersing the various scenting oils that we carry. The showroom interior design and aesthetic is shown through the chrome accents, crystal fixtures, and a glass chandelier. The curated art pieces also perfectly coordinates with the brand image - clean, sleek, and fresh luxury. On the outside of the shop, it is beautified with an expansive mural incorporating the Wynwood art influence surrounding it. While visiting Aroma360, guests are offered the opportunity to immerse and engage themselves in a wide selection of scents that are created for homes and businesses. Besides experiencing scents on hand, those who visit can also work with a scent consultant to develop their own unique Signature Scent. 

A learning experience too!

An entire section of our showroom is a dedicated space where our guests can learn about the innovative science behind the technology of Cold-Air Diffusion and HVAC scenting systems for their home or commercial use. Our Diffusers are all available for purchase and our staff members are happy to guide our guests to the best diffuser to fit their individual scenting needs. They can also learn about the fragrance notes of each oil and how the 

The Takeaway 

Besides our diffusers, guests have the opportunity to purchase a variety of Aroma360 products including our signature candles, reed diffusers, and our New Edition: the hourglass diffuser. Next time you are in Miami, set some time aside to come to visit us and we promise the scenting experience will be like none other in the city!